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CHAKWAL, Dec 26 (APP):Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday, expressing dismay at his political opponents’ self-centered tactics, predicted that soon their parties would face formation of forward blocs in the assemblies.

Talking to the media after breaking ground of Rs 15 billion development projects here, he said having spent millions of rupees on election campaigns, how the legislators of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) parties could resign on the assertions of their leadership.

“It is my prediction that soon they will form forward blocs in the assemblies,” he stressed.
The prime minister further said who would tender resignation on the demands of Maulana Fazlur Rehman, who had already been a 12th man (referred to an extra player in a team).

They (legislators) would not accede to such demands as they knew it very well that such antics were employed by their leadership to save their corruption, he added.

Maulana Fazl possessed properties worth billions of rupees without any source of income , the prime minister said, wondering “whether these were acquired through magic!”
“They (PDM leaders) have answers such questions, but they are out to sacrifice their members of parliament,” he added.

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The prime minister said the PDM leadership considered the public as fools but it proved otherwise, as evident from the lukewarm response from the people to their public gathering in Lahore. They were thinking that the people would come out to protect their corruption, he maintained.

He said the whole nation knew the corruption tainted leaders very well, who had plundered the country in the last 30 years. Their scions had been living aboard in a princely manner.
They had failed to produce even a single receipt to justify their resources, he added.

The prime minister, to a question, said he would soon address the nation on the electricity issue.

The country had been producing costly power in the whole region. Contracts had been signed by the previous regimes for production of power at expensive rates, he added.
He said there was only Rs 3 difference per unit in the cost of power production and its sale price.

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He also linked the power production cost to the circular debt and said many initiatives were afoot to control the prices for public relief.

The prime minister said the circular debt had been a burden on the whole country. Negotiations with the Independent Power Producers were continuing to further reduce the power tariff, he added.

Imran Khan, replying to another query, stressed upon increasing the country’s exports.
He said they were focusing on olive plantation so that the country could produce sufficient edible oil for own consumption as well as for export.

He said the country had imported edible oil costing US $ 2.5 billion. The prices of edible oil increased due to surge in the international market, he said.

The prime minister said efforts were being made to boost the agriculture sector by promoting cash crops like avocado, which was a precious vegetable, with their value-addition for export.