PM offers nawafil at Roza-e-Rasool in Madinah

PM Kakar

MADINAH MUNAWRAH, Sep 28 (APP): Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar visited Masjid-e-Nabvi (the Prophet’s Mosque) in Madinah and paid his respects at Roza-e-Rasool (SAW).

The prime minister offered nawafil at the Roza the Wednesday evening.

Afterwards, the caretaker Prime Minister visited the International Fair and Museum of the Prophet (SAW)’s Biography and Islamic Civilization, located adjacent to Masjad-e-Nabvi.

Dr. Nasir Misfir Al-Zahrani, Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Prophet (SAW)’s Museum, warmly welcomed the prime minister.

The prime minister was given a comprehensive briefing about the historical museum, which showcases the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as well as the Islamic civilization.

PM Kakar expressed his deep appreciation for the museum and applauded the efforts made to preserve and present the rich Islamic heritage.

As a token of appreciation, Dr. Nasir Misfir Al-Zahrani presented the prime minister with a shield and books, symbolizing the cherished connection between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in promoting Islamic heritage and fostering mutual understanding.

The museum chronicles the Prophet (SAW)’s journey and highlights significant events and teachings through multimedia. It also showcases Islamic civilization’s achievements in various fields. The museum promotes interfaith dialogue and understanding, fostering respect for diverse beliefs and cultures.

By Shumaila Andleeb

Shumaila Andleeb; Senior Reporter at Associated Press of Pakistan; covering the beats of President, Prime Minister, Foreign Office, and Special Assignments.

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