PM has taken epoch making step by presenting three generations for accountability: Marriyum

APP74-21 ISLAMABAD: July 21 - Minister of State for IB&NH, Ms.Marriyum Aurangzeb, talks to media. APP

ISLAMABAD, July 21 (APP): Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
by presenting three generations of the Sharif family
for accountability, notwithstanding the fact that he
enjoyed constitutional immunity, has taken an epoch making step
and nobody would be able to use immunity as a shield in the future.
This was stated by Minister of State for Information,
Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb, while talking
to the media outside Supreme Court here Friday.
She said that nobody could hoodwink the people of Pakistan any more as they were fully aware of those who believed in accountability and who had been declared as a proclaimed offender by the courts of law.
Marriyum Aurangzeb expressed the confidence that the apex
court would give its verdict as per the law and the Constitution and
not in accordance with the whims and wishes of the vested
interests. She expressed the confidence that Nawaz Sharif
would emerge unscathed from the Panama case.
Marriyum said that with the power of the ballot Nawaz
Sharif would again have landslide victory in 2018 elections and
the elements involved in hurling baseless allegations at him would
have to bite the dust.
She said that not a single case of misuse of power, corruption
or graft had ever been reported or unearthed against Nawaz Sharif
during his three tenures as the Prime Minister and two terms
as Chief Minister of Punjab, despite the fact that the biased JIT
had hired the services of a detective relative of one of its members.
The MOS observed that if the words like probability and opinion
etc were removed from the conclusions drawn in the JIT
report, then not a single incriminating evidence against
the elected prime minister or his family could be pointed out, which
was a clear manifestation of the innocence of Sharif family.
The minister said that some elements had been trying to
put a spin on the observations of the judges during the hearing of
the case and to use them for promoting their ulterior motives. She
said that the remarks and observations of the judges during the
course of the proceedings of the court were only a running
commentary and not a judgment unless they were included in the
written order of the court.
Marriyum said that the Sharif family submitted two more
documents in the court which were duly certified, verified
and notarized.
She reiterated that the Sharif family had the legal
right to rebut the unverified documents of a malafide JIT adding
that it should have presented the so-called documents it
had procured against the Sharif family to Hussain Nawaz
during his questioning for his response on them, but it was not
done which manifestly was tantamount to malicious intent.
The minister said that the court had noted and
recognized the point raised by legal counsel of Sharif family that
law firms in England remained open 24/7 and even visit the
residences of their clients for legal assistance.
Marriyum Aurangzeb said that the Sharif family had
registered its reservations in regards to JIT’s constitution and
its conduct with the court and the bench had also announced that
the JIT report was neither binding for them nor it was a court
order. The minister observed that Sharif’s legal counsel in
his concluding remarks made it clear that documents relating to the
last 40 to 50 years had been submitted in the court.
The MOS said that the prime minister had been striving for
progress and prosperity of the country, success of the
China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and building a
network of motorways and highways. She congratulated PTI chairman
Imran Khan on inauguration of Lowari Tunnel by Prime Minister
Nawaz Sharif and added that he would continue to cut ribbons
of the development projects in future as well. The
minister advised Imran to wind up the circus of baseless
allegations at Banigala.
To a question she said that Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan was one
of the close confidants of the prime minister and rumours
of his estrangement with the party were unfounded and
baseless. Elaborating her point, the minister said that Nisar Ali
Khan was an efficient leader and it was due to his unswerving
commitment and hard work that landmark achievements had been
made in countering terrorism.
She said that the PML-N leadership believed in
independence of judiciary and it remained in the forefront of
the movement for its restoration. She clarified
that yesterday’s remarks of the Prime Minister were only about
the JIT.
Later talking to PTV she said that on the issue of Hussain
Nawaz picture leak the court had acknowledged the stance taken by
the PML-N. She congratulated the media for reporting the Panama
case on merit.
The minister observed that the people of Pakistan were
mature enough and fully aware of the baseless propaganda unleashed
by the opposition parties, joined by a section of the media to
upgrade the circus for earning better ratings.

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