PM gives green signal for E-Cars, green economy initiatives: Amin Aslam

ISLAMABAD, May 17 (APP):Adviser to Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam Friday said Prime Minister Imran Khan had given green signal for adopting electric cars and green economy initiatives.
The prime minister while chairing the first meeting of the Committee on Climate Change was presented a comprehensive and detailed briefing on researches made on environment friendly impacts and economic benefits of electric cars, he said while talking to media persons here.
Prime Minister had directed to form a policy and mechanism for adopting electric-cars within 15 days, he added.
Amin said, ”There has been a trend that around 60 per cent of the world countries started shifting automobiles to modern electric cars which release around 70 % less emissions. However, countries like China and India among others have set targets for 2030. Therefore, the prime minister has been apprised to devise a mechanism for setting up targets and policy making to adopt electric cars.”
Pakistan, he said, would shift 30 per cent of its existing vehicles on electric cars till 2030 whereas the prime minister had directed to formulate a policy and mechanism for the process in implementing electric cars project.
“There are four major benefits of electric cars: the import of oil will be reduced and the country will be able to save US$2 billion in terms of oil expenses, eco-friendly technology to reduce vehicular emissions to a reasonable level, opportunity to become electric car exporter like China which is a leader in this market, it can help generate green economy,” the adviser said mentioning the benefits of the project.
Lithium Ion batteries were another potential component in green energy solution which was getting cheaper day by day and had become a useful technology applied in the electric cars.
“We are working to introduce Lithium Ion batteries in the market and will start manufacturing it where the existing battery producers could easily chip in this technology. The CNG stations will be transformed into E-car charging stations,” he added.
The committee meeting was a high profile session where chief ministers of all the provinces, Gilgit Baltistan, Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir, commerce, planning ministers and other stakeholders participated.
He said green rickshaw scheme had been started where various banks were taken on board to provide subsidized the scheme. “It is a zero noise and pollution rickshaw and a completely eco-friendly, cheap source of transport. It is a step towards twenty first century,” he added.
The committee had discussed smog issue erupted in Lahore where the World Bank’s US$ 300 million project was mulled over and decided to be put on ground in three months, he said, adding “Around thirty new air quality monitoring stations will be set up across Lahore to have credible air quality data.”
He said in order to mitigate smog effects we had imposed ban on brick kilns and stubble burning where the ban would be maintained this year.However, some of the brick kilns were converted to eco-friendly zigzag technology and would be assisted to convert the rest. “Punjab biomass company has been set up which will buy stubble from farmers and sell it to paper manufacturing industries,” he told the media.
Another significant issue, Amin said was brought under consideration as this year Gilgit Baltistan (GB) received 40 per cent more rains and snowfall than last year which had resulted in more floods risk owing to predicted extreme hot weather during the ongoing year.
“All the provinces through their chief ministers in the meeting have been timely sensitized about the impending floods risk and have been asked to make requisite precautionary measures,” the adviser said.
There was another lurking issue of Shisper Glacier in GB which was a giant glacier surged up to 6 km in 3 months where a huge glacial lake was also formed at its top. However, due to water discharge of the glacial lake the risk for glacial flooding was mitigated, he added.
“Glacial Lake Outburst Flooding (GLOF-II) project is going to be announced after Eid which will help to establish 30 new glacial monitoring stations to monitor 2500 glaciers of the country,” he said.
Billion Tree Tsunami Project, he said was also discussed in the committee meeting where all provinces had agreed and signed up the programme with mass consensus. It was a unique plan which improved the country’s identity around the globe all international institutes like WWF and IUCN had appreciated this project.
Earlier there was meeting with the Army Chief General Qamar Javaid Bajwa who extended his full support for the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami, he added.
To a question, he said academia, corporate sector and policy makers in unison had done detailed research work where the LUMS scientists conducted two years long research for implementing electric cars.
Amin said that the ministry was working out a monitoring system for local governments to ensure success of clean green Pakistan programme whereas we were also looking for international financing for the project.