LAHORE, Sep 23 (APP):Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday directed the officers of the Punjab Anti-Corruption Department to take indiscriminate action against corruption and expose the corrupt elements.
Chairing a meeting of the Directors of the Punjab Anti-Corruption Department here during his visit, the prime minister said the government was prioritizing the revival of public trust on government departments that had been undermined by the corruption.
He viewed that the corruption was one of the major reasons behind the current economic condition of the country. The country had been dragged to the debt-trap by executing some of the projects in the past which had not been aimed at public welfare rather to get the kickbacks.
The prime minister directed the anti-corruption department to improve its working and assured them of government’s all out cooperation in their crackdown against corruption.
He also directed the department to reform the prosecution system as he desired them to support the poor man who is oppressed everywhere.

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