Cabinet vows to take forward Nawaz Sharif’s vision

ISLAMABAD, Aug 4 (APP): The Federal Cabinet Friday
pledged to continue “the journey of progress and democracy”
initiated by former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and vowed
to take his vision forward.
Chairing the first meeting of Cabinet comprising 43-member, Prime
Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi congratulated the federal ministers
and ministers of state on assuming their offices, a statement said.
Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi reiterated that all
projects including CPEC, energy infrastructure to get rid of load
shedding, economic revival; and fight against terrorism to promote
peace in the region and world would be carried out in letter and
He assured moral and diplomatic support of
Pakistan to the people of Kashmir in their struggle for self
He vowed to complete the developmental plans of 10 years in next 10
He showed gratitude to PML (N) leadership for trusting him to run the
country as its premier.
The prime minister was of the view that the cabinet would work
both on short and long-term targets simultaneously.
He directed all ministers to give presentations on their ministries in
coming days to apprise him about their working.
He told the cabinet that all ministers could approach him any time and
he would always be accessible to the Cabinet members.
The Cabinet also decided to convene its meeting almost once a
The prime minister told the participants that they were free to
raise any issue in the meeting so as to address it.
The future meetings of the Cabinet will be held in the evening to avoid
disruption in office workings, he said.
He encouraged the use of technology to enhance
efficiency in the government departments and said the performance
must be translated into action.
He also desired maximum participation of the Cabinet members in
the Parliament sessions.
The prime minister assured the cabinet members that he
would also be attending all sessions of the Parliament.
He asked the Cabinet members to take decisions
regarding their own ministries as he had delegated powers to them
and said the procedure of sending summaries to the Prime Minister
Secretariat via Cabinet Division must be expedited to avoid delays.
He asked all ministers to present their short term goals to the
Cabinet and said the entire Cabinet should work as a team to accomplish those goals.
The Cabinet also approved its 32 point agenda in its entirety.