PM asks Nawaz, his family to face independent judiciary

PM asks Nawaz, his family to face independent judiciary

PM asks Nawaz, his family to face independent judiciaryBHIMBER/MIRPUR, July 18 (APP): Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday asked former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his other family members, residing in the United Kingdom, to return home and face trials to prove their honesty as judiciary in the country was fully independent.

“Judiciary in the country is fully independent as Imran Khan did not attack courts or contact judges for seeking favourable judgements. I ask them a question– why are they sitting outside the country if they are honest and truthful, why they fear facing courts?” the prime minister said while addressing two separate public gatherings held in connection with Azad Jammu and Kashmir upcoming general elections on 25th July.

The prime minister said even Ishaq Dar, former finance minister, his son, Nawaz’s sons, son and son in law of Shahbaz Sharif had been absconding in London to avoid accountability.

He said due to independent judiciary and accountability process, even PTI’s ministers were not spared. The courts and National Accountability Bureau (NAB) were free and not under any control, he added.

“If these leaders are honest, then why they fear from the justice system,” the prime minister said.

He said Nawaz Sharif performed such an acting never staged in Bollywood. “His acting even moved female members in our cabinet who wept upon his health conditions,” he added.

The prime minister expressing his wonder said but, after arriving in London, it was a different Nawaz Sharif.

“If they did no wrong, then why they have been fleeing?” the prime minister asked the gathering to pose question on polling day to voters of these parties who had plundered the country in the last thirty years.

He further added such corrupt leadership left the country because they realized that Imran Khan was not giving them any NRO.

The prime minister said that he did not leave the country when politically motivated cases against him were taken up by the Supreme Court.

He faced the trial and submitted each and every evidence because he did not commit any wrong, he said.

He observed that almost all the poor countries had rulers like Zardari and Nawaz who had been siphoning off their national wealth and sending it abroad.

In those countries, the prime minister maintained, there was rule of power swayed by the corrupt leadership and corrupt members of parliament.

The prime minister further observed that countries did not become poor due to lack of resources but due to lack of rule of law.

When the rulers considered themselves above the law and roamed the world with NROs, then the countries were ruined, he said, adding “To bring the powerful dacoits under the rule of law, is the real fight for Pakistan and Kashmir. We have to enforce rule of law and rid the poor from the clutches of injustices.”

The prime minister asked the people to differentiate between the honest and truthful leadership and the others on July 25.

He said that he was very concerned about the future of the young generations of the country and wanted the country to become the great one in the world.

“I want to make a great nation, so that its green passport should have the respect all over the world,” he added.

He said the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) had lifted the poor and helpless Arabs who had been lying low, with no respect in the world to rise and lead the world in the presence of two powerful empires of that time.

After migration to Madina, those two empires crumbled and defeated, he added.

The prime minister said by following the Holy Prophet’s sunnah, they would achieve success and become a great nation.

Unfortunately, he said, in the past, they moved on the wrong path, roaming with begging bowls, seeking loans and participating in others’ wars. This led to lowering of respect. “No one respects beggars and loan seekers. Even close relatives did not tolerate it,” he added.

The prime minister further said that Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was an honest and upright leader whose qualities were acknowledged even by his political adversaries.

He stressed upon the people that they had to change themselves and the country to become a great nation by becoming truthful and honest.

He said there should be no two set of laws for the poor and the powerful NRO mafia.

Citing a saying of Maulana Rumi, the prime minister said that a nation rose to prominence when it discerned between the good and the bad.

But when a nation failed to differentiate between the good and the evil, it died, first morally and then financially, he opined.

The prime minister said they were waging a jihad against injustices and fighting for the rule of law.

“Old system mafias are trying to save their skins and on daily basis, we are fighting them,” he said, assuring people about his capability to face these mafias as a captain with their support.

The prime minister said corrupt leadership led a political party to rot. On the other hand, when a leadership was not minting money how could they allow others to do the same.

He regretted that the two parties (PPP, PML-N) had been squeezing the country for three decades and promoted a culture of graft at the lower tiers as well.

The prime minister advised the people to shun their personal interests and think of the country while casting their votes in the upcoming general elections of AJK.

About Indian prime minister Modi’s illegal and unilateral steps of August 5 2019, the prime minister said actually, India did not realize the outcome.

By using pellet guns against innocent Kashmiris and carrying out extra judicial killings, they thought that no one would raise voice from Pakistan due to their past experience of the corrupt rulers, he added. The prime minister referred to a statement of former foreign secretary who said that Nawaz Sharif had completely barred any criticism of India.

Nawaz Sharif did not meet the Hurriyat Conference leadership in India to appease Modi, he added.

The prime minister said Modi’s had miscalculation about Pakistan as he thought that the rulers would first give priority to their offices, ill-gotten wealth, indulge in money laundering, and secure their stashed bank accounts abroad.

“But I am an independent man. I will live and die for Pakistan,” he said, adding due to his efforts, Kashmir’s issue was discussed by the UN Security Council after a gap of 50 years,” he maintained.

He said Kashmiris had been waging a valiant struggle for decades, and from his childhood he had decided to fight for their case when got an opportunity.

The prime minister enumerated his speeches and interviews at different world fora and international media houses, reminding the international community that the Indian government under the influence of RSS, was accomplishing Hindu supremacist policy and did not recognize other minorities as their nationals.

They were following Hitler’s Nazi ideology and subjected all the minorities including Muslims, Sikhs and Dalits to worst kind of cruelties.

Even same approach was adopted against Kashmiris in the IIOJK. But the Kashmiris faced all atrocities with valour and patience and raised heads of all Pakistanis in pride. All the people in the world were also saluting their brave struggle and supreme sacrifices, he observed.

The prime minister further said that India tried to change demography of IIOJK but it could not succeed as the world was witnessing the situation.

“Changing demography of illegal occupied territory is a war crime under Geneva conventions,” he said and reiterated that Pakistan would continue raising the issue at all global levels.

The prime minister also stressed upon the people to wear masks as the coronavirus pandemic still persisted in the country.

By wearing mask and observing standard operating procedures, they could contain its spread, he said, adding that in India, millions died due to the lethal virus with huge financial impacts that pushed millions of people below poverty line.

On the occasion, Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, in his address, said the people would remember Imran Khan forever for raising the Kashmir issue.

Minister for Foreign Affairs and PTI’s vice president Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that throughout the world, the son of the soil, Imran Khan was raising the Kashmir issue.

The people had witnessed the poor performance of the failed governments from the two political parties in AJK, he added.

PTI’s leaders and candidates Barrister Sultan Mahmood, Ali Shan, Anwarul Haq Noor and others also addressed the gatherings.


By Irfan Khan

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