All resources being mobilized to control second wave of COVID-19:Health Minister
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LAHORE, Dec 7 (APP): Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid on Monday said that the performance assessment of every district would be made on cumulative number of patients at all facilities.

She said this while reviewing the performance of Punjab Health Facilities Management Company (PHFMC) at the Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department.

She said that performance of every official would be evaluated with respect to the number of patients, attendance of health professionals, availability and provision of medicines and awareness on family planning.

Punjab Health Minister said,” The objective of enhancing the scope of Mobile Health Units was to ensure provision of healthcare services to far flung areas”.

She mentioned that improvement in Mother and Child Indicators was our key priority area and no compromise would be made on these targets.

Yasmin Rashid directed that the process of hiring must immediately start at PHFMC facilities,as urgent need to improve the performance of the PHFMC in all districts where it is working.

She said that the government was specially focused on improving healthcare services in provincial capital, adding that “We are initiating a thorough review of the quality and scale of services being provided by PHFMC”.

She mentioned that the government has added a work force of 32,000 healthcare professionals in the department, asserted that when Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government took over the charge, Punjab hospitals were working on 50 per cent of their capacity.

She said that officers not showing satisfactory performance would face strict action, adding that the performance evaluation of lady health workers would be made on the number of referrals.

On the occasion Secretary Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department Captain (Retd) Usman Younis said that no laxity would be tolerated in performances and services and Basic Health Units or Rural health Center especially related to availability of facilities, shortage of medicines or carelessness in treatment.

The performance of the PHFMC was being reviewed in all districts.

PHFMC Managing Director Arshad Usmani,Professor Javed Chaudhry,Azim Naqvi and officers of PHFMC from all districts were present.