People to reject conspiracies of PTI against country: Abid Sher

ISLAMABAD, June 16 (APP): State Minister for Water and Power
Abid Sher Ali said that Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf (PTI) along with a bunch of other politicians was conspiring against Pakistan but people would reject and bury their conspiracies.

Speaking at a news conference here Thursday, he said no government
existed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and timber and mining mafia was ruling the province.

He said all the stories of corruption and mismanagement in Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa would be brought before the people.
The two cousins were getting together to deteriorate conditions in
Pakistan, he added.

Member National Assembly Daniyal Aziz said PTI had planned
agitation against the government even before formation of TORs committee for a judicial commission on Panama papers.

He said Pakistan Muslim League (N) was known for strengthening
economy and during its present tenure Pakistan had record foreign exchange reserves and lowest interest rates and inflation.

The international financial institutions including IMF, World Bank,
Moody’s and Bloomberg recognised the economic achievements of Pakistan,Β he added.

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Daniyal said Pakistan had received emerging market status, adding
Pakistan had achieved economic stability and curtailed energy shortages.

He said last time the opposition wasted months by staging sit ins and

Opposition instigated people and asked them not pay their taxes and
bills and resort to civil obedience, he noted.

He said facts could not be hidden from the people, adding decision of
the judicial commission on general elections, foiled attempts of PTI to create instability.

Opposition continued lies about elections and now again these
elements were getting together, he said adding it was evident that Imran Khan would continue his lies about the government.

Daniyal said name of the Prime Minister was not even mentioned in
the Panama papers.

PTI leaders Imran Khan, Jehangir Tareen and Aleem Khan had
offshore companies while PTI chairman was misleading about his flat in London.

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He said PTI leaders were asking people to invest money in Pakistan
while they themselves were buying assets abroad.

There were financial irregularities in the accounts of Shaukat Khanum
Cancer Hospital, he added.

He asked Imran Khan to give details of financial transactions of his
company Niazi Services and other offshore companies.

Daniyal called Imran Khan a master of U turn and said the PTI leader
had been levelling baseless allegations against PML N leadership.

He said PTI wanted two different set of rules for accountability of
the Prime Minister and PTI leaders.

The PML N leader said PTI could not stop corruption in Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa and there was widespread embezzlement in a number of

Crime rate had increased and other social and economic indicators had
worsened in the province, he said adding PTI MNAs had also rebelled against corruption in the KP province.