Pendency of cases declining as SC to function during summer break

SC seeks NAB response on amendments in law

ISLAMABAD, Jun 12 (APP): In the last four months, the Supreme Court of Pakistan had witnessed a decline of 1,182 cases; meanwhile, during the last week ending on June 10, it had disposed of 568 cases.

Moreover, the institution of cases was 183 thereby reducing the backlog by further 385 cases.

The top court while being cognizant of pendency and backlog of cases would be functioning with the maximum strength at its Principal seat (Islamabad) as well as branch registries to dispense justice to the public at large during the summer spell that is commencing from June 13.

In the first week of summer spell, the Supreme court has constituted four benches: three at Islamabad and one at Karachi Branch Registry with two larger benches on June 13-14.

The same routine would be followed during the entire summer spell in current year.