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ISLAMABAD, Oct 21 (APP): Chairman Kashmir Committee, Shehryar Khan Afridi on Wednesday said the Indian intelligence agency was trying to destabilize Pakistan through fake news and the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) parties were helping it in that regard.

The minister, in a tweet while tagging to Michael Kugelman, Deputy Director of Asia Programme, said: “As #Indian intelligence is trying to destabilise #Pakistan through #FakeNews, #PDM parties are providing India fuel for fire.

@MichaelKugelman puts facts that India is exploiting current political situation making false claims of urban warfare. #PDM is hands in glove with India.”

Michael Kugelman, in his tweet, said, “Indian disinformation accounts are exploiting.

Pakistan’s current political crisis and falsely claiming that the country is now experiencing urban warfare and other serious instability. Dangerous and disturbing; several of these accounts are verified, with large followings.”