PBF hails Army Chief’s efforts for expediting country’s economic progress


ISLAMABAD, Jan 10 (APP): In a resounding display of approval, Pakistan Business Forum (PBF) has expressed satisfaction with the military diplomacy and economic initiatives undertaken by Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Syed Asim Munir as the nation witnesses a positive shift in various sectors.

PBF President, Khawaja Mahboob ur Rehman on Wednesday said that a wave of optimism was sweeping through the country as the caretaker government’s economic policies, coupled with the strategic decisions of the Army Chief, had resulted in tangible improvements in key economic indicators.

He said significant reduction in the value of the dollar, which has seen a commendable drop from 340 to 280 rupees, prompting hopeful expectations of further stabilization.

The caretaker government has taken the best measures for the economy; the price of the dollar has fallen, and we anticipate even more positive changes when the new IMF and Asian Development Bank funds arrive, with hopes of the dollar reaching 250 rupees.”

The impact of these measures is evident in the Pakistan Stock Exchange, where a positive trend has starting emerged, bringing relief to investors.

Additionally, the reduction in petrol prices has garnered praise from the public, further fueling a positive sentiment towards the government’s economic policies.

PBF President thanks to the positive actions of the Army Chief, there is a positive trend in the Pakistan Stock Exchange, and petrol prices have decreased. These things are good for our country.”

Furthermore, the decrease in essential commodity prices, such as daily useable items, has not gone unnoticed which needs to be monitored properly by the respective deputy commissioner’s so that masses may benefited.

PBF President further stated the steps the Army Chief is taking are for the betterment of the country, and we hope that in the coming time, there will be improvement,” said Mahboob, echoing the sentiments of many.

The PBF further expressed the pride in the Army Chief’s diplomatic endeavors, emphasizing the positive impact on the country’s economic landscape. Many anticipate further progress and development, underlining their confidence in the ongoing initiatives that aim to bring prosperity to Pakistan.

“The unwavering resolve by Pakistan’s security forces to combat illegal activities and secure the nation’s economic interests, ultimately working towards a more prosperous and stable Pakistan”.

The PBF also apprised of the progress on two critical initiatives, the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC) and the Green Punjab programme.

Similarly, the PBF President also underscored the necessity for synergy among all relevant departments to ensure the successful implementation of these landmark initiatives, stressing their potential to contribute significantly to Pakistan’s economic growth.

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