APP78-23 ISLAMABAD: June 23 - President Mamnoon Hussain addressing the loan disbursement ceremony to the beneficiaries of “Akhuwat” at the Aiwan-e-Sadr. APP

ISLAMABAD, June 23 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain on
Friday said that participation of the society was of pivotal
importance in the process of alleviation of poverty apart from
the right policies at the state level.
He was addressing an Iftar dinner hosted for the non-
governmental organization “Akhuwat”, which works for the
alleviation of poverty, here at the Aiwan-e-Sadr.
On the occasion, interest free loans were also given to
the women to start their own businesses. Executive Director of
“Akhuwat” Dr Amjad Saqib also addressed the ceremony.
The president said participation of all segments of the
society in efforts to eliminate poverty promoted brotherhood
and also raised the moral standards of the society, which
rendered salutary impacts on all disciplines of life.
The Pakistani society was very lucky in that respect that
its people had willingly taken part in the welfare work, but
still there was much work left to do, he added.
The president expressed his pleasure that the families,
which received assistance from “Akhuwat”, utilized the
financial assistance very honestly to stand on their own feet
and also tried to support others.
He also hoped that the families, which were starting a
new journey after getting assistance from the organization,
would forward the process of cooperation, compassion and
empathy by following these bright examples.
The president stated that the objective of the
establishment of Pakistan was to hold the hands of the weak,
bring them at par with the well-endowed segments of the
society and stop the highhandedness of the cruel so that the
society could be saved from chaos and anarchy.
Pakistan was moving step by step towards achieving those
goals, he said, adding that micro-financing from “Akhuwat” was
also part of the same process and millions of people from all
around the country had benefitted from it.
The president appreciated the fact that Dr Amjad Saqib
and his colleagues had set a new trend of accepting their own
responsibility by setting aside the stereotype that all had to
be done by the government.
He further said that the experiment of “Akhuwat” was
also part of the establishment and promotion of an egalitarian
economic system. It was the strength of that movement that now
federal and provincial governments were using its platform for
their services towards reduction of poverty, he added.
The president also praised the services of Dr Amjad
Saqib and “Akhuwat”, saying that their efforts would result in
poverty alleviation and would also strengthen the progressive
forces in the society.
On the occasion, three women, who established themselves
after receiving assistance from “Akhuwat”, also shared their
experiences with the audience.

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