Panama case not about corruption but lust for power: Marriyum

APP65-20 ISLAMABAD: July 20 - Minister of State for IB&NH, Ms. Marriyum Aurangzeb, talking to media. APP

ISLAMABAD, July 20 (APP): The Panama case being heard by the
Supreme Court was not about corruption but about lust for power.
This was stated by Minister of State for Information,
Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb, while
sharing her thoughts with the media outside Supreme Court here
She said that not a single case of misuse of power
and corruption had ever been reported, or unearthed against
Nawaz Sharif during his three stints as the Prime Minister and two
tenures as Chief Minister of Punjab, a fact that was corroborated
by the apex court itself also.
The minister said that Imran Khan in his petition had
accused Prime Minister of money laundering, stealing public
money and concealing his assets and he had been trying to use this
case as crutches to revive his political fortunes and gaining access
to the corridors of power, which amply reflected his
malafide intentions.
She said that while Imran had filed a case
against the Prime Minister in the Supreme Court, he himself was
running away from the cases against him in the courts and ECP
because he knew that he was guilty of money laundering— that he
used to set up Niazi Service— and receiving funds from the Hindu
and Israeli lobbies.
Marriyum pointed out that he was also a proclaimed offender from the Anti-Terrorist Court, where he was wanted in the case involving attack on the Parliament and PTV.
She said that for the last four years Imran had been persistently telling lies and hurling allegations against the PML (N) government and trying to mislead and befool the nation through a falsified propaganda and there had been no change in his narrative.
It had almost become a daily ritual for him every evening to hurl slurs and to denigrate the PML (N) government, the Prime Minister and his family, she added.
Lamenting the loose-cannon behavior of the PTI Chief
and expressing pity on his mental condition, she said that
his obsession with power had blurred all his mental faculties
to perceive things in their proper perspective.
She advised Imran to unlock the Ehtsab Commission in the
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and put that lock on his own wagging tongue.
The minister said that while Imran was fighting
a case for grabbing power, the Prime Minister was fighting a case for
the supremacy of law and constitution, trust of people repeatedly
reposed in him, economic progress and prosperity of the country,
CPEC and above all the elimination of the scourge of terrorism.
She assured the people that the Prime would fight for the
protection of their mandate at all forums and would never
betray their trust.
She said that the Prime Minister presented himself and his family for accountability to uphold the sanctity of the law and the constitution adding that only the people with clean hands presented themselves for accountability.
Marriyum expressed the hope and confidence that the
Prime Minister would emerge unscathed from the Panama case as the
Supreme Court would exonerate him from all the allegations and his detractors would be forced to wind up the fancy street (Meena Bazar)
that they had established in the country for the last four years.
The minister said that the people of Pakistan had seen through the
game and would support the right against the wrong by rejecting the
group of carpet-bagger led by Imran Khan, which was bent upon
disrupting the sojourn of peace, progress and tranquility.
The minister said that the reservations expressed against the JIT
by the Sharif family from day one still persisted due to the manner
in which it had conducted the probe.
She said that all the documents presented by the Sharif family
in the court were duly attested, notarized and verified by the relevant
authorities. She reiterated that the Sharif family had every right
to rebut and challenge the authenticity of the documents produced
by a detective relative of a member of the JIT.

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