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ISLAMABAD July 12 (APP): Minister for Planning, Development  and Reforms Chaudhry Ahsan Iqbal has said Pakistan  will continue fighting the case of Kashmiri people at international  level for their right to self-determination.

“Kashmir issue is unfinished agenda of the partition and it is high  time that international community should recognize this issue  and seriously move forward to free people of held Kashmir from  Indian yoke,” he said in a private news channel programme.

“Kashmiris have sacrificed 70,000 to 80,000 lives and whenever  they ask for their right to self-determination, they are answered  by Indian troops with bullets and by torturing and killing them,”  he added.

“It is obligatory on us to fight their case morally,  diplomatically and politically,” he said and added, “if
democracy means rights of the people, then what kind of democracy  India has and how can it declare itself the biggest democracy when  it is usurping rights of innocent Kashmiri people.”

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He said international conscience should understand that
rights of Muslims are the same as of the non-Muslims.

“If  they can forcefully raise their voice for non-Muslim, then why they  keep mum on killings of innocent Kashmiris by Indian occupied forces.

International community must understand that all races and nations  must have equal rights for lasting peace across the world.”

Defense analyst Amjad Shoaib said international  politics is a politics of hypocrisy and personal interests and it is obligatory upon us to awake their conscience towards Indian
atrocities in occupied Kashmir.

“Even after more than six decades the Kashmiris do not accept themselves as part of India and they celebrate Eid and Independence Day with Pakistan.

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They have openly demanded not to be part of  India then what more evidence the international community  requires,” he said.

Renowned lawyers Asma Jehangir said, even Hindus in
occupied Kashmir acknowledge that Indian forces are subjugating  the rights of Kashmiri people.

“It is beyond perception how miserable life Kashmiri
people are spending in held Kashmir. They are targeted,
humiliated, tortured and even killed just for that they are demanding  a just right of self-determination.”

She also mentioned to a decision of Indian Supreme Court in which the court had forbidden the government from excessive use of force.

“But, the same night Indian government imposed curfew in the held Kashmir.