Pakistan to continue its responsible conduct as nuclear state: FM

ISLAMABAD, Apr 10 (APP):Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Wednesday said that Pakistan’s conduct as a nuclear state will continue to be responsible as it was against the conventional and unconventional arms’ race in the region.

Addressing the national conference on ‘Strategic Stability in South Asia’ in Islamabad, foreign minister Qureshi said that Pakistan has demonstrated its commitment to peace and stability by putting forward the proposal for a strategic restraints regime. “This proposal remains on the table and Pakistan hopes that it will be the foundation of peace and stability in the region during years to come”, he added.

He said the conflict resolution was the key to any successful strategic stability arrangement in South Asia. “However, resolving Kashmir issue will be the guarantee of longstanding peace in the region”, he added.

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The minister said that India’s denial to right of self determination to Kashmiris coupled with deliberate human rights violations has resulted into an active freedom struggle movement in Kashmiri youth.

He said Indian massive accusations of conventional arms coupled with offensive doctrine and introduction of anti ballistic missile systems are developments that concerned Pakistan.

“Recent belligerence displayed by India against Pakistan is a clear manifestation of threats to regional stability. As a peace loving country, Pakistan wants normal relations with its neighbour; however, we are equally capable of replying to any attempt that will cost our national security and integrity”, he reaffirmed

Qureshi said that Pakistan strongly believed that peaceful neighborhood was assurance of prosperous societies on both side of the borders. “Pakistan and India need to work towards peaceful environment for socio-economic stability for our people, only then the longstanding prosperity can be achieved”, he added.
He reiterated that only way forward for Pakistan and India was dialogue between them.

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FM Qureshi stressed that Pakistan expected responsible behavior from other countries as well in regard with the regional development. “We also like the outside players to be mindful of their responsibility in terms of arms supply to the region in pursuit of their Geo-political strategy”, he said.

He said that inception of Kartarpur corridor was the proof of Pakistani government’s dedication towards peace.