HAJEERA (AJK), July 16 (APP): Advisor to the Prime Minister on Political Affairs Dr Asif Kirmani Saturday said Pakistan would not tolerate brutalities of the Modi government and killings of the Kshmiris and observe Black Day on July 20 against the barbarity of its army.

Addressing a public meeting here, he said a few days back
across the Line of Control the rogue Indian army martyred about 40 brave, honourable and courageous freedom loving Kashmiris.

“I want to tell the Modi government that they martyred Burhan Wani but now from every house of Kashmir a Burhan Wani will emerge.

We will not tolerate the violence of Indian government.”
He said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif condemned the killings of Kashmiris and instructed the representative of Pakistan at the United Nations to raise the issue of Indian oppression in held Kashmir.

He said the Prime Minister chaired a special cabinet meeting
on the issue of atrocities against the Kashmiris. Pictures of
situation in Kashmir were shown in the meeting and everybody was grieved, he added.

He said the Prime Minister instructed the Foreign Office
to raise the issue in all the world capitals and the United Nations, with the message that Pakistanis would not tolerate the killing of Kashmiris.

The Advisor said on Friday protest demonstrations were held
across Pakistan to mark the Day of Condemnation against the brutalities being perpetrated by rogue Indian army in Kashmir.

On Monday, he said, the Day of Accession of Kashmir to
Pakistan would be observed while on Tuesday Black Day would be marked to protest against the rogue army of India.
On these days, Pakistanis would protest against the oppression and brutality of India, he added.

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“The rogue Indian army is continuing to spill blood of our
Kashmiri brothers.”

The Advisor said hundreds of thousands of Kashmiris had been killed and the day was not far off when the people of Kashmir would see the morning of freedom.

“India cannot stop the freedom movement of Kashmir.”
Kirmani said Kashmir, which was an international issue, was made a bilateral issue with India during the period of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who claimed to fight with India for 1000 years.

Before coming to Kashmir, Bilawal Bhutto should first get
knowledge of the history of the region, he added.

He said the Abdul Majeed government had nothing to show for its performance in five years as the PPP did nothing to bring change in the lives of the people.

“Vote is a trust and democracy is a system under which the
government brings progress and prosperity,” he said adding the leaders of sitting government of PPP only filled their coffers.

Every penny of the government kitty was right of the Kashmiris, he added.

He said Rs 30 billion was given by the federal government during last three years for all districts of AJK but the amount was siphoned off by the PPP government.

He said the PML-N after forming its government would create economic and investment opportunities in Azad Kashmir.

He said Nawaz Sharif would build a prosperous Azad Kashmir as per his vision.

Nawaz Sharif made the Kashmir issue prominent and highlighted it at the United Nations and became its advocate, he added.

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“We will give back rights to the Kashmiris and spend on
progress and prosperity of Kashmir.”

He said the politics of PPP was taking its last breath and
after success of PML-N in polls, its politics would sink and
Abdul Majeed government would fall.

He urged the party supporters to follow Nawaz’s message of
peace and avoid getting provoked by the Abdul Majeed government which had turned violent.

The federal ministers, he said, were threatened of dire
consequences when they came to Kashmir and violence was committed against the PML-N workers in Bagh, Nakial and two of its workers were killed.

PML-N candidate Chaudhry Aziz was injured with bullets, he

He said on one side Abdul Majeed was killing the PML-N workers and on the other Modi was killing people in held Kashmir.

“We do not believe in violence,” he said. “We do not
accept the fake inquiry against the killings of PMLN workers.”

Kirmani said PTI chief Imran Khan had stopped progress of
Pakistan for six months while standing on a container so he could be a well-wisher of Kashmiris as well.

He said urged the Kashmiris to vote for PML-N on July 21.

After the victory in election, he said, “I will invite you to
the Kohala Bridge and we will enter the Prime Minister House in Muzaffarabad with a victory rally and we will install a worker of Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister.”