ISLAMABAD, Jan 6 (APP):Minister for Foreign Affairs Shah Mahmood Qureshi Monday said Pakistan would not allow use of its soil against any other country, and urged the United States and Iran to abide by the United Nations Charter and international laws for peaceful settlement of the differences.

The minister, in a policy statement in the Senate on the Middle East situation, called upon the international community, particularly the UN Security Council, to play their role for the regional security.

He said a task force had already been established at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to monitor and assess the developments in the region.

The foreign minister viewed that further action from any of the two sides would never be in favour of the region and that the use of force was not a solution to the problem.

The parties concerned would hopefully exercise restraint and avoid the escalation of situation as the region could not afford any adventurism, he added.

The current regional situation was a threat to the world peace, he said.

Sharing Pakistan’s perspective, Qureshi expressed his concern that any regional conflict would also negatively impact the Afghan peace process, besides undermining Islamabad’s peace efforts in Afghanistan.

He also reiterated Pakistan’s readiness to continue to play a role in preventing further escalation, and maintaining regional peace and stability.

The foreign minister told the House that Pakistan would not support any unilateral action, which could undermine the regional peace as the use of power would further destabilize the region.

He said Pakistan could support the peace building and de-escalation efforts, but not any move for further tension.

He urged the United Nations (UN) Secretary General to play a vital role in peace building.
He said Pakistan was making efforts for a vibrant role of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

The foreign minister said India had always been involved in destabilizing Pakistan and in the emerged regional situation, it would try to deviate the world’s attention from its internal situation arisen after the passage of a controversial bill by the Indian parliament.

He assured the House that the Pakistani nation and the army were fully alive to the ongoing situation, and were capable enough to defend their homeland in case of any misadventure by India.

He said all the opposition parties had played a key role on the Kashmir issue, and hoped for a positive and responsible attitude on the emerging situation.

He said the European Union countries had also expressed reservation over the situation in Middle East. He asked the opposition to forward their suggestions on the issue.

He said consequent to the government’s efforts, for the first time during the last 50 years, the Kashmir issue had been raised and debated at the international level.

India, he said, had suppressed the voices of Kashmiri people and Pakistan would continue extending its support to the Kashmiri people at all forums for the restoration of their due rights.

Later, Leader of Opposition in the Senate Raja Zafar ul Haq said Pakistan should play its effective role in reducing tension between Iran and the US.

He urged the government to contact with the leadership of different countries to formulate future strategy. He said the session could be also be held in-camera for a debate on tensions in the Middle East.