Pakistan-Iran Joint Border Commission agrees on boosting bilateral trade

Pakistan-Iran Joint Border Commission agrees on boosting bilateral trade

ISLAMABAD, Nov 10 (APP): Pakistan-Iran Joint Border Commission has taken important decisions on border security, human smuggling and prevention of drugs, promotion of mutual cooperation for the establishment of peace and order on both sides of the border, provision of facilities to businessmen for an increase in trade activities, exchange of sports and culture and educational delegations and other related issues.

The two countries had issued a joint declaration on Thursday at the end of the 24th annual meeting of the commission about the issues and boosting the bilateral trade.

The Pakistani delegation was led by Chief Secretary Balochistan Abdul Aziz Uqaili while the delegation from Iran was led by Sistan-Balochistan Governor for Law and Order and Enforcement Ali Raza Marhamati.

The two-day joint border commission meeting has discussed the movement of people at the Pak-Iran border, bilateral trade, drug traffic, and other issues relating to the more than 900 kms border between the two countries.

Delegations between the two countries have forwarded various proposals about boosting bilateral trade between Pakistan and Iran and the way forward. The two countries always hold the border commission meeting after every quarter.

In the meeting, issues related to border, trade and commerce, security issues, border security, culture and education and other issues of mutual cooperation were discussed.

Addressing the meeting, Chief Secretary Balochistan Abdul Aziz Uqaili said that Iran and Pakistan have long-standing friendly relations.

The two brotherly Muslim countries have always tried to promote bilateral regional cooperation, he added.
He said that the purpose of the annual meeting is to strengthen the regional trade and other matters of mutual interest between the two countries in an efficient and orderly manner.

He said that it is the desire of both the countries that decisions should be taken keeping the welfare, development and prosperity of their people on both sides of the border.

He expressed his determination that Pakistan and Iran will continue bilateral regional cooperation and other matters of mutual interest.