Pakistan desires friendly ties with world for peaceful co existence: President

ISLAMABAD, June 16 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain Thursday
said that Pakistan was working with the whole world for international peace and stability and desired friendly relations with all countries on the principles of peaceful coexistence.

The President said this in his address at Iftar Dinner hosted
in honour of ambassadors and high commissioners of different countries, including a high number of those from Islamic countries, held at Aiwan e Sadr.

Advisor to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz,
Special Assistant to PM on Foreign Affairs Tariq Fatemi and
Secretary Foreign Affairs Aizaz Chaudhry also attended the Iftar Dinner.

President Mamnoon noted that the Islamic world was confronted
with grave issues which, apart from political crises, include problems like extremism, mass migration, ignorance, illiteracy and poverty.

He said that there was a need to adopt a comprehensive and
joint strategy to address these challenges and defeat the forces involved in defaming Islam and causing bloodshed in the Muslim world.

The President further said that a peaceful and stable
Afghanistan was a priority of Pakistan’s foreign policy and it
desired to have friendly relations based on respect for each other’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Pakistan wholeheartedly supported an Afghan led and Afghan owned reconciliation process to usher in an era of peace and stability in that country, he added.

President Mamnoon said that Pakistan was keen to have a
meaningful, result oriented and constructive dialogue on all issues with India.

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He further said that Iran has an important role to play for
peace, stability and progress of the region and promotion of peaceful neighbourhood.

“Pakistan is also working to further deepen and broaden its
close and friendly relations with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Gulf states and in this regard, special importance is being given to increasing cooperation in the fields of trade, investment and energy” the President remarked.

He said that Pakistan was a responsible nuclear state, which
accords highest importance to nuclear non proliferation and safety of nuclear material and in this regard, our arrangements were at par with international standards.

He added that Pakistan wanted a non discriminatory criteria
based approach for Nuclear Suppliers Group membership.

The President lamented that today we were more divided in our
ranks as compared to the past adding that the increasing schism amongst Muslim countries has made it more difficult for us to confront challenges because our energies are being consumed in reconciling mutual differences instead of confronting the enemy.

“Therefore it is imperative that we focus all our energies on
resolving the issues facing Muslim Ummah by forging unity in our ranks and rising above our differences as no country can face these challenges single handedly,” the President emphasised.

He said that during this blessed month, we should not forget
our Kashmiri and Palestinian brothers who are continuously suffering at the hands of foreign occupation. He underscored that we should collectively raise our voice in support of their just rights for resolution of their long standing problems.

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President Mamnoon stated that the exemplary and time tested
Pakistan China relations have now transformed into a strategic

He noted that Pakistan has close and friendly relations with
Russian Federation and Central Asian states adding that TAPI gas
pipeline and CASA 1000 projects were of extraordinary importance, which would help in meeting our energy needs. Pak Iran Gas Pipeline is also of great significance in this context, the President added.

He said that during last few years, relations with the
European Union (EU) have further improved and the European community granted Pakistan GSP+ status sometime back, which has further boosted our exports. Pakistan has long standing ties with the United States, which was deepening further through strategic dialogue, the President stated.

The President appreciated that regional countries had extended
extraordinary cooperation in arriving at a decision to make Pakistan a full member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) for which we are thankful to them.

He said that the blessings of Ramadan have improved our
brotherly relations and mutual understanding and we should derive maximum benefit during this holy month.

The President said that fasting teaches us generosity and
patience which generates spirit of sacrifice for each other.