PAF pays tributes 1971 War martyrs; Tamgha-i-Jurrat recipients

ISLAMABAD, Dec 15 (APP):Pakistan Air Force (PAF) on Wednesday paid tribute to the martyrs of 1971 War for their unprecedented courage, sacrifice and their war heroics.

The PAF’s Directorate General Public Relations released a short documentary film based on 1971 Pak-India war heroes Flight Lieutenant Ghulam Murtaza Shaheed, Tamgha-i-Jurrat and Flight Lieutenant Javed Iqbal Shaheed, Tamgha-i-Jurrat, said a news release.
The documentary highlighted the heroic and fearless deeds of the valiant sons of Pakistan who achieved the great status of martyrdom by sacrificing their lives for the sake of their beloved homeland.
The film narrated that Flight Lieutenant Ghulam Murtaza Malik was born on Nov, 1941 in Rawalpindi and got commission as navigator in PAF in January, 1966.

His first appointment was in the historic No. 6 Squadron of PAF at Chaklala Airbase where he became part of the newly inducted C-130 aircraft’s first aircrew member. Later, after successful accomplishments joined B-57 Bomber aircraft as operational navigator.

During the 1971 Indo-Pak War he was deputed at PAF Base Masroor as part of No.7 Squadron. This Squadron was deployed at PAF Base Mianwali due to the war risk and was tasked to attack and neutralize enemy air bases; among those was the Amritsar Base.

It had huge significance for Indian Air Force (IAF) due to its geographical and operational importance and PAF was well aware that this base would be used to attack Pakistan and it was necessary to destroy this base.

Flight Lieutenant (Shaheed) Javed Iqbal as pilot and Flight Lieutenant (Shaheed) Ghulam Murtaza Malik as its navigator were selected to accomplish this task. However, this pair of valiant warriors had earlier made three successful attacks at the enemy inflicting heavy blows.
On Dec 5, 1971, in the evening these two sons of the soil took flight towards their target. After evading enemy fighter jets and radars, when these daring air fighters reached Amritsar, the entire air field was drowned in darkness.

Before the enemy took stock of the situation or held of its positions the B-57 aircraft started flurries of bombs at the runway.

The antiaircraft guns of the enemy turned their fire at these PAF falcons. Without bothering the heavy fires, the two brave hearts returned for the second attack to destroy tarmac and succeeded in completely destroying. Unfortunately, this time they got hit by the ack-ack (anti-aircraft gunfire) of the enemy guns. The pilot was unable to control the plane where both of the crew members decided to eject. Unluckily, the parachute of Flight Lieutenant (Shaheed) Javed Iqbal did not open and he perished on the spot.

However, Flight Lieutenant Murtaza got serious head injuries and was taken into custody by the enemy as injured.

He was later shifted to Military Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries on Dec 12, 1971 and embraced martyrdom.

He was laid to rest near Delhi besides Nizamuddin Auliya’ Shrine.
In recognition of his supreme sacrifice and unforgettable courage he was awarded Tamgh-i-Jurrat.

“The nation pays salute to these brave martyrs of the beloved motherland,” it concluded.