Junior Squash team accorded warm welcome at PAF Nur Khan Air Base

ISLAMABAD, July 13 (APP): Chief of Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Suhail Aman on Wednesday said the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) was a  well-equipped and updated force.

“Our feet are on ground,” he told a questioner in a brief
media chat here at Nur Khan Airbase on arrival of PAF’s C-130 aircraft that was awarded trophy at the prestigious Air Tattoo Show, held recently in the United Kingdom.

He said the PAF along with the other armed forces of the country had proved the mettle to be the best potent force while effectively taking up the tasks during the operation Zarb-e-Azb.

The entire world had monitored PAF’s spectacular performances  during Zarb-e-Azb and was appreciative of the achievements made  while practically executing the terror combating operation, he added.

The Air Chief said,”We have artistically portrayed our national
resolve in our fight against terrorism.”

He reiterated that the PAF and the armed forces would always come up to the expectations of the nation and safeguard the national integrity and sovereignty.

He said the operation provided ample opportunity to forge a
synergy that brought the armed forces further closer to take up the challenges in a more effective and productive manner.

Not only the armed forces were united but the entire nation was fully on their back also, he added.

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When asked to comment on the buying spree of modern aircraft and inventory by the adversary, he said,”We are not worried about any thing and are continuously observing the situation.”

The PAF, he said, was cognizant of the entire situation and efforts were being made to meet the requirements in essential sectors.

Meanwhile under a phased plan, he said, the ageing fleet in
the PAF inventory was being replaced with the flying combating machines of the modern era.

He said PAF’s JF-17 (Thunder) aircraft was in high demand
at the international forums and efforts were afoot to comply with the demand of this favourite multi-role jet.

On the winning of trophy by PAF aircraft C-130 – Hercules –
at the World Air Tatoo Show, he said the winning of
trophy spoke volumes that the world understood Pakistan’s point of view, besides acknowledging its efforts in achieving peace in the region.

He said the pictures painted on the exterior of the aircraft
not only depicted the country’s commitment towards eradication of terror but also projected its soft image in a forceful and effective manner.

Earlier, the Chief of Air Staff inspected the aircraft which
carried historical pictures of operation Zarb-e-Azb along with the different stages achieved by the aircraft itself during its last 55 years of flying.

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He congratulated the contingent for winning the Concours D’
Elegance Trophy for being the best aircraft of the show.

He  also appreciated the team’s effort and lauded them for bringing laurels to the country in general and the PAF in particular.

The PAF contingent comprising air and ground crew participated in the various competitions and events organized at the air show.

More than 50 nations with 200 aircraft from across the world competed for the coveted trophy; however, the PAF C-130 clinched the best aircraft trophy with its artistic depiction of national determination and sense of sacrifice in the wake of Zarb-e-Azb.

This is the second time that PAF has won this prestigious trophy as PAF C-130 had participated in this event in July, 2006 as well and had won three major trophies of the competition.

The aircraft carrying slogan “Nothing is beyond my reach” was inducted in the PAF’s inventory during 1960. It had been kept flying worthy since then out of sheer commitment and contributions made by the engineers and technical staff of the PAF ground teams.