On Earth Hour, lights switched off to show commitment to protect planet

On Earth Hour, lights switched off to show commitment to protect planet
ISLAMABAD, Mar 23 (APP): WWF’s Earth Hour, the world’s largest grassroots environmental movement, returned for its 18th edition with the ‘Biggest Hour for Earth’ on Saturday, in support and celebration of our planet.
In an increasingly divided world and one that is facing multiple environmental crises, Earth Hour serves as a beacon of positivity, hope, and inspiration to rally as many people as possible, in particular those who are not fully engaged with the environmental crisis yet, said a press release.
Since its inception in 2007, Earth Hour has been known for its “lights off” moment. As landmarks and homes across the world switched off, supporters were invited to symbolically switch off and ‘Give an hour for Earth’, spending 60 minutes doing something positive for our planet.
In 2023, over 410,000 hours were given to our planet by supporters in 190 countries and territories, representing 90 per cent of the planet, making it the Biggest Hour for Earth. In Pakistan, landmarks including the President House, Parliament House, Pak-China Friendship Centre, Convention Centre, Election Commission of Pakistan, and offices of various corporate entities switched off their lights to show commitment for the earth.
Director General, WWF-Pakistan, Hammad Naqi Khan said that Pakistan is in the list of top ten countries worst affected due to adverse impacts of climate change. In 2022, we witnessed widespread rains and devastating floods, resulting in more than 1700 human causalities, economic losses, and serious damages to infrastructure and agriculture. What we urgently need to do is to embark on a climate resilient development model, promote nature-based solutions, and conserve our energy and water resources.
‘This Earth Hour unites us to contribute towards the common cause which improves the health of the planet and well-being of the people, conserves biodiversity, and mitigates the negative impacts of climate change’, Khan added.
The “Give an hour for Earth” call-to-action aims to make participation easy and fun, encouraging individuals not only to switch off lights symbolically but also to take 60 minutes to do good for the planet while doing something they love.
Renowned TV actress and WWF-Pakistan Goodwill Ambassador, Ushna Shah remarked that since beginning of this movement, Earth Hour has been a beacon of hope for our planet, and this time, it coincided with Pakistan Day, giving people even more reason to come together. She appealed to the people that they should join this event in creating the Biggest Hour for Earth. ‘It is 60 minutes of pure positivity, doing anything and everything to benefit our beautiful planet’, she observed.
Adventure athlete Samar Khan, in her brief message, said that Earth Hour is more than just turning off lights. it’s coming together for one shared home. Asking the citizens to join this big event, Khan said ‘whether you are a foodie, a fitness enthusiast, a lover of entertainment, or just want to enjoy some quality family time, there is something for everyone. So come on, let us give an hour to Earth because every small action counts.’
Earth Hour 2024 activities were launched in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad with private and underprivileged school students. More than 975 students were engaged, giving more than 2,900 hours through a series of fun and engaging activities including nature scavenger hunt, origami, mural art painting to promote climate stewardship, and many more.
Through the Hour Bank, its new online interactive tool, Earth Hour invites everyone, everywhere, to find the most enjoyable ways to give an hour for Earth. Whether it is a mindful walk through the woods to bask in the smell of fresh air, feel the earth, and take in nature’s sounds or engaging in a home scavenger hunt to identify and swap out unsustainable products with eco-friendly alternatives, there are a myriad of options to choose from.
The Hour Bank provides a list of activities and events based on participants’ lifestyle interests and preferences, from food and fitness to art and entertainment.
Earth Hour is more than a moment; it is a movement that for the last 18 years has continued to inspire and mobilise people globally, reminding us of our collective responsibility to create a more hopeful and resilient future for our planet.
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