Officers should think like economic managers while dealing with professional matters: Ahsan Iqbal

Officers should think like economic managers while dealing with professional matters: Ahsan Iqbal

ISLAMABAD, Nov 28 (APP): Addressing around 60 officers of 117th NMC who visited Ministry of Planning and Development on Monday, Minister of Planning and Development Professor Ahsan Iqbal noted that officers should think like economic managers while disposing of the official matters adding that tax collection, investment, promotion of exports and foreign remittances are remedies to our economic issues.

He stated that officers in Pakistan civil servants were appointed through the most transparent and merit based process.

Civil service of Pakistan is reckoned as the most professional and competent worldwide. However, the matter of concern is that why the individual merit of the officers could not bring any impact in the collective performance of the system, he added.

The minister underscored that the world was going through a turmoil and uncertainty while technology, globalization, global conflicts, population and climate change were posing major challenges to the whole world.

He also remarked that we had to build capacity in the administrative structure to absorb the shocks of future challenges.

The minister said that when our government came into power, we had a development budget of 550 billion rupees while stressing that development in the world was possible only by orienting the economy driven by exports.

He further added that Pakistan’s future depended on how long would it take to step up its exports from $32 billion to $100 billion while noting that our national priority had not been towards export driven economy.

While noting the ample opportunities of amplifying the trade volume between Pakistan and China, he added that the current volume of trade with China which was 32 billion dollars could be elevated further by tapping its full potential.

The minister urged that it was need of the time to provide conducive climate for private investment.

He said that the exports could be boosted only by making Pakistan’s industrial products competitive, value added and in line with global challenges.