ISLAMABAD, Dec 9 (APP): The students of NUST Dramatics Club staged
Jaman ka Pair here Wednesday in its ongoing Drama Festival to entertain
the Islooites with the satire connected to the social system.
The play captured the plight of an average Pakistani citizen and their issues with bureaucracy. The story revolves around the story of  a poet who is stuck under a tree, uprooted by the wind, in the lawn of a government building. The story than moves on and unveils the corruption stories being faced by people.

Presenting a fusion of performances by young stars, the three-day
drama festival at National University of Science and Technology (NUST) is
an amalgamation of four success stories, in one giant extravaganza.
The young performers will entertain the audience with their plays
based on social issues and providing them with quality entertainment
experience. The event aims to invigorate the spirit of dramatics in the
heart of theater enthusiasts.
The other plays to be staged during the festival include “Dafa 302”, “Taaleem-e-Balighaan” and “Gurya ka Ghar”. All the plays are based on social issues, human interest stories and bringing correction to the society, said the organizers.
They said that trend of quality and thoughtful theater plays an important role in highlighting and resolving the issues like education, training and social problems. The history of theater is connected with the history of human society and it also lead towards revolutions in shaping the society.
The festival will stage the talent of youngsters with diverse ideas to entertain the fun lovers of federal capital while all the plays have some story and a message that combine strong expressions with techniques of acting, dialogue delivery and script.
Besides giving quality entertainment to islooites, the event will also promote healthy activities among the youngsters and revive the concept of theater in the capital with theme of promoting peace, love and harmony, they said, adding that “Such events play an important role in highlighting and resolving the issues of society and also bring correction to the society through artistic expressions.
Stage drama is a strong medium of education and occupies a unique place
among performing arts with reflection and identification of social evils
in an entertaining way.”