No one to be allowed to derail democracy: Saad

APP16-09 LAHORE: July 09 - Federal Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafique addressing Eid Millan Party at Nishat Colony Cantt. APP photo by Ch Mubarak Ali

LAHORE, July 9 (APP): Pakistan Railways Minister Khawaja
Saad Rafique Sunday said democracy had taken roots in the
country and no one would be allowed to derail it.
Addressing an Eid Millan party organised by PML-N workers
here in his constituency NA-125, he said the Pakistan Muslim
League-Nawaz (PML-N) was being pushed to the wall. It would
be an end for all others also if the PML-N was ousted from
the political arena, he added.
He said the PML-N leadership was ready to go to the court
of people for getting clearance, but in the process others
would be completely wiped out.
The minister said that anti-democratic forces were obstructing
the PML-N government and were not giving it space to work for the
betterment of the country.
He said when the PML-N came into power in 2013 with the
massive people’s mandate, the national exchequer was empty.
Karachi had become a ‘slaughter house’ while Balochistan was
facing unrest and terrorists were killing people everywhere at
their will.
International financial institutions were declaring Pakistan
as a defaulter with no foreign investment pouring in and local
investors fleeing from the country, and there were no employment opportunities while
loadshedding had reached dangerous
proportions, he added.
At that time, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had made some
promises with the nation that he would work for a bright
terrorism-free Pakistan by eliminating terrorism network and
restoring peace in Karachi, Balochistan and the rest of
the country, ending energy crisis, and providing a conducive
business environment.
“But our government has not been given room to work from
the day one,” he added.
Saad said Pakistan, which itself was powerful country, was
located among powerful countries. Some international forces wanted
to keep it under their control, but they knew that democratic
governments here would not allow them to use its ports illegally.
Saad said it was Nawaz Sharif who had made Pakistan a
nuclear power.
The minister said that CPEC projects were not for a family
as roads and energy plants would serve the entire nation. He
thanked China for investing in Pakistan to make it prosperous.
He questioned as to why China did not invest in Pakistan when
Pervez Musharraf and Asif Ali Zardari were in power.
He said China had trust in the PML-N leadership, the credit
for which went to Nawaz Sharif. “Ideology of the PML-N is
defence line of Pakistan as the PML-N is the second name of
Pakistan,” he added. “Pakistan is incomplete without the Muslim
League,” he added.
He said Nawaz Sharif being “Sadiq and Ameen” (truthful and
honest), wanted to make Pakistan unbeatable. “He is the only symbol of
unity among all the provinces of the country,” he added.
He said, “We know who is involved in the ongoing blame-game.”
Blaming someone without proof was a great sin, he added.
Addressing Imran Khan by name, the minister said: “You are
working for someone else ‘consciously or unconsciously’. And if
you are working unconsciously, then you are a fool,” he added.
He said the PML-N and the Sharif family accepted the constitution
of joint investigation committee (JIT) with an open heart, but later
on, it transpired that it was formed through a WhatsApp call as its
one member was a relative of someone while the other worked as a
National Accountability Bureau officer during the Pervez Musharraf
He said the prime minister and his family appeared before
the JIT and courts, but the question arose that as to why Pervez
Musharraf and others did not appear before the courts.
“We will object to the JIT if it is wrong as it is
our right,” he said.
He asked as to why no objection was raised when Imran
used foul language against the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP),
which was a constitutional institution, unlike the JIT.
Speaking on the occasion, Punjab Minister Zaeem Qadri said
the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was a blessing and
such blessings were not bestowed on a country often.
He said today was more crucial time for the country than
October 12, 1999 as democracy was being targeted and efforts were
on to derail a strong prosperous Pakistan.
Qadri said a conspiracy against Prime Minister
Muhammad Nawaz Sharif meant a conspiracy against the country as
Nawaz Sharif was a symbol of progress and prosperity of that
Pakistan which was dreamt by the elders in 1947.
Hundreds of the PML-N workers attended the function.