No NRO for national wealth plunderers: says Maleeka Bokhari

ISLAMABAD, May 3 (APP):Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Justice Maleeka Ali Bokhari Friday said there was no National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) for culprits who plundered the national wealth cruelly.

It was privilege of the Parliament and the Speaker to appoint chairman Public Accounts Committee (PAC), she said while talking to media persons outside Parliament House here.

Maryam Nawaz had run a campaign against military and judiciary which was shameful act, she added.

Meanwhile Parliamentary Secretary for Railways Farrukh Habib said Shehbaz Sharif was the chairman of PAC and he chose to escape from the country.

He said they only came to power for looting the public money and when they were asked about accountability they ran abroad, adding Sharif family was not concerned with public issues.

He said the previous government had not established a single hospital in its 40 year tenure, where PML-N leaders could get treatment.

“If they were allowed to go abroad then rest of the prisoners would also demand the same treatment from the government,” he maintained.

The statements of PML-N leaders did not match with each other which were proof of differences within the party.

Farrukh said no one was above the law whether law would be same for all.

Meanwhile he said, the federal government had allocated funds of billions of rupees in a bid to overcome inflation during Ramadan.