No hurdle can be placed in Pakistan’s path towards progress: President

APP77-13 ISLAMABAD: July 13 - President Mamnoon Hussain addressing on the occasion of a dinner hosted by Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in honour of Ambassadors. APP

ISLAMABAD, July 13 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain on

Thursday said that no hurdle could be placed in Pakistan’s
path towards progress, adding that nations do face hard times
but there was no need to be despondent.
“We will continue the efforts for political and economic
stability of Pakistan in order to protect the future of
hardworking and industrious people and coming generations,”
the President said while addressing a dinner hosted by Lahore
Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) in honor of the
ambassadors and high commissioners.
The President said that the people of Pakistan, with
their characteristic resolve and determination, would be
successful in defeating every obstacle on our path to progress
and prosperity.
He urged the entrepreneurs and traders of Pakistan as
well as domestic and external investors to continue their
activities without any fear and misgivings because the
difficult time was over.
Now Pakistan has to progress and with the national
resolve it has not only changed the tide for itself but also
discharged its responsibilities for prosperity of millions of
people of this region, he added.
Palestinian Ambassador Walid Abu Ali and the President
of LCCI Abdul Basit also spoke on the occasion. A large number
of ambassadors and high commissioners, investors and leading
businessmen attended the event.
President Mamnoon said that the Government had also
accorded equal importance to its agenda of revival of national
economy along with its efforts to deal with terrorism and
He underscored that some important decisions were made
in that regard and as a result of their implementation and by
the Grace of Allah Almighty, Pakistan had entered a bright
period of economic progress.
He pointed out that significant increase in GDP, foreign
reserves, domestic and foreign investment and noteworthy
decline in inflation were irrefutable signs of these positive
and encouraging changes.
The President underlined that the basis of these
successes were sound policies adopted for trade and industrial
sectors which caused substantial increase in investment and
trade in Pakistan.
In this respect, he said that commercial and industrial
sectors had been granted special concessions and a flexible
strategy had been devised to attract domestic and foreign
investment which had made Pakistan the most important country
in the region for trade and investment.
He said that internal and external investment
was gradually increasing in the country which was an
encouraging development.
Moreover, the President added that China-Pakistan
Economic Corridor (CPEC) project had given impetus to these
efforts whereas Pakistan’s active role in international
organizations including Shanghai Cooperation Organization
(SCO) and free trade agreements with friendly countries were
also playing an important role in that regard.
He hoped that these trends would further increase in the
coming days which would fast track the journey of development
and prosperity of the country.
He emphasized that no hurdle could be placed in the path
of development of Pakistan, because our mission was to ensure
prosperity of coming generations and meeting future requirements.
The President appreciated that LCCI had worked with
dedication for enhancing the export of Halal food. He advised
the investors and participants to explore new markets for
exporting other products along with maintaining the existing
Likewise, he stressed that attention should also be paid
on enhancing domestic and foreign investments for development
of other sectors including minerals found in different parts
of the country.
He stated that in the matters of imports and exports,
sometimes the traditional channels were not very effective
while chambers and other organizations of businessmen and
industrialists could play a valuable role in that regard.
Therefore, the Federation of Pakistan Chambers of
Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) and its affiliated organizations
should play their useful role for promoting bilateral trade,
investment and promoting exports and imports by establishing
robust contacts with the diplomatic community.
The President expressed the hope that this would further
enhance the scope of the activities of other national
organizations, including the Lahore Chamber.
He said that future belongs to agriculture related
technology and called for focusing on enhancing investment in
that sector.

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