No country can move forward unless its people have a strong cultural identity: Jamal Shah

Jamal Shah
ISLAMABAD, Nov 21 (APP): Caretaker Federal Minister for National Heritage and Culture Jamal Shah on Tuesday said that no country can move forward unless its people have a strong cultural identity connecting an individual to the surrounding environment, identity, and homeland.
Addressing a cultural program titled “Globalization and Pakistani Cultures” organized by the Alliance for Good Governance Foundation in collaboration with the Information Service Academy (ISA), the minister underscored the importance of cultural diversity, asserting that it enlightened the youth about the beauty of unity in diversity.
Adviser National Heritage and Culture Muhammad Kashif Irshad, Ms. Zubaida Birwani, Panah Baloch, Dr. Hanif Khalil, Mazhar Arif, Dr. Humaira Ashfaq, Professor Saeed Ahmad, Aamir Haider, representatives of academia, civil society were also present on the occasion.
Highlighting his ministry’s initiatives, Minister for National Heritage and Culture Jamal Shah said the culture ministry was about to launch a heritage channel, dedicated to showcasing folk heritage of the country.
He emphasized the pivotal role of folklore and national heritage in educating the younger generation and shaping societal values.
He revealed plans for the revival of cultural sites in Islamabad, providing artists with platforms to showcase their talents through performances and fostering cultural promotion.
Jamal Shah expressed that individuals grounded in their cultural heritage are more likely to make sound decisions and foster positive relations with other nations.
He said the tenure of the caretaker government was short and he wanted to make some good initiatives that the elected government could continue.
Globalization has had a serious impact on Pakistan’s economy, politics, society, law, and culture. Jamal Shah said that the transformations globalization is bringing in all spheres of national life are not easy to handle for a state and society that does not possess enough potential.
In the contemporary age, when globalization is gaining momentum the influence of institutions other than the state is rising and so is their interference within national boundaries. No state including Pakistan can keep itself away from these influences, he added.
Other speakers also spoke on the effects of globalization on Pakistani Culture. It may be mentioned here that like many other developing countries, Pakistan is experiencing both positive and negative effects of globalization.
The variety of Pakistani Music ranges from diverse provincial folk music and traditional styles such as Qawali and Ghazal Gayki to modern forms of traditional and Western music. This was said during an event “Globalization and Pakistani Culture” organized by an NGO “Alliance” in coordination with an information services academy.
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