NHMP beware travelers, dense fog envelops motorway sections


ISLAMABAD, Nov 21 (APP): The National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) on Tuesday issued travel advisory for prevailing hazardous condition posed a significant threat to motorists as the dense fog engulfed two sections of the Motorway North Zone, reducing visibility to a mere 30-50 meters that could lead to accidents.

The NHMP issued travel advisory for the commuters specially at night times on Motorway North Zone sections.

The affected areas are identified from Haji Shah (KM 1620) to Attock Khurd (KM 1627), where visibility is at a perilous 30-50 meters.

Further north, from Khairabad Bridge (KM 1628) to Nihal pura (KM 1635), visibility is slightly better but still dangerously low at 50-60 meters, the NHMP public relations officer told APP.

The Pakistan Meteorological Department issued a warning urging motorists to exercise extreme caution when traveling through these areas.

The drivers are advised to reduce their speed, use their fog lights, and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.

In addition to the fog, two sections of the Motorway North Zone are also experiencing roadwork from Wali Interchange (KM 450) to Near Wali Interchange (KM 451), the North Bound 2nd Lane and 3rd Lane are closed from Near Swabi Interchange (KM 422) to Near Swabi Interchange (KM 422.400), the South Bound 1st Lane and 2nd Lane are also closed.

The motorists traveling through these areas are advised to be aware of the road closures and plan their routes accordingly.

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