NHA experts complete design work for durable permanent bridge in Hunza: Mufti Asad Mahmood

ISLAMABAD, May 9 (APP): Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services Mufti Asad Mahmood on Monday said that National Highways Authority (NHA) experts have completed design work for the durable permanent bridge on the Karakoram Highway in Hasanabad area of Hunza.

In a statement, he said that floods caused by melting glaciers have caused massive destruction in Hunza in which a concrete bridge collapsed on the Karakoram Highway.

The minister said that we are in contact with the local administration for addressing the problems being faced by the people due to collapsing of bridge.

Mufti Asad Mahmood said that work on the temporary bridge would be completed within two weeks while for the facilitation of people “Doli” bridge would be installed within two to three days.

He said that work on the new regular bridge would be completed within six to eight months, adding that procurement process has already been started.

Chairman NHA Captain (R) Muhammad Khurram Agha said that all the available resources would be utilized to construct a durable and standard bridge keeping in view its importance.