NEPRA concludes hearing into uniform base tariff for XWDISCOs, KE

ISLAMABAD, Jul 20 (APP): The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Wednesday concluded public hearing on federal government motion with respect to recommendation of uniform consumer end tariff of XWDISCOs and K-Electric.

The hearing was presided over by NEPRA Chairman Tauseef H Farooqi while member Sindh Rafique Ahmed Sheikh attended through video link.

The federal government requested the regulator to increase the uniform base tariff in three phases. Under the uniform tariff, the government sought Rs7.91 per unit increase in base tariff for XWDISCOs and K-Electric.

In first and 2nd phase, the government sought Rs3.50 per unit each hike in base tariff from July, August and September respectively.

In first phase, the base tariff would be increase from 16.91 per unit to Rs18.98 per unit, in 2nd phase from Rs18.98 per unit to Rs22.48 per unit while in last phase from Rs22.48 per unit to Rs23.39 per unit.

Similarly, in third phase, 91 paisa increase was sought in the base tariff from October.

Joint Secretary Power Division Mehfooz Bhatti told the regulator that the government proposed to increase the base tariff of each category in three phase.

However, he said that there would be no increase for lifeline and protected consumers. Despite increase in tariff, the government would provide Rs220 billion subsidy to the consumers, he added.

He said that there would be no effect on around 50 per cent consumers on account of the the tariff increase.

The chairman NEPRA said that the cost of production of electricity has witnessed 16 per cent increase while value of dollar has also been doubled against Pakistan rupees.

The authority would announce its decision after reviewing statistics.