NDMA disburses 3,427.22 tons food packs, 103,570 tents and 16,021 blankets during monsoon

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ISLAMABAD, Oct 1 (APP): National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has distributed 3,427.22 tons food packs,103,570 tents, 16,021 blankets/quilts and 146,870 mosquito nets in collaboration with relief providing agencies during monsoon.

According to NDMA report, a total of 4,795 plastic mats, 14,032 tarpaulins,
4,907 kitchen sets, 20 gas cylinders, 7,983 jerry cans, 5,889 hygiene kits,3,744 iron beds, 503 bed sheets, 8 buckets and 5,000 mattresses/sleeping mats,3,050 pillows have been disbursed.

Likewise, some 500 pedestal fan, 2,392 water coolers/tanks, 2 generators, 279 de watering pumps, 345 life jackets, 2,750 solar Lights, 27 boats with OBMs, 66,000 water bottles (1.5 litre each), 375 high energy biscuits (MT), 6.5 tons MRE’s (1.3 kg each), 1,442,000 aqua tabs/water purification tablets and 50 medical kits (3,000 per/kits).

NDMA has established 217 relief camps in different parts of Sindh. As many as 2,333 persons were evacuated in district Khushab and 8,799 persons in Karachi. Some 175 families (1,245 individuals) were evacuated by Armed Forces and district administration from Yousaf Goth, Sarjani Town and adjoining Goths, district Karachi. Likewise, 299 persons were evacuated by Armed Forces and district administration in district Dadu.