ISLAMABAD, Sep 5 (APP): National Commission for Human
Development(NCHD) has set target of educating 57 million illiterates including 24 million out of school children with an aim to make them respectable citizens, said Chairperson NCHD former Senator Razina Alam Khan.

Addressing the participants here Monday of a “Literacy Walk” organized by NCHD at Jinnah Avenue in connection with International Literacy Day, she said the commission was making all out efforts with a mission to make Pakistan a 100% literate society.

“Our dream is to see Pakistan 100% literate, developed and progressing status among the nations of the world” she said.
Razina Alam said eradication of illiteracy in the shape of stopping the drop-outs of school children and through adult education is the priority of present government under the leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

This gigantic challenge could be met through ‘Each One Teach One’ scheme.

She said that ideal conflict free society is possible through education, skill development and knowledge of value addition to the products.

The chairperson informed that NCHD had launched this initiative with the aim to materialize collaborative efforts of the partners in strengthening non formal education systems at national level.

NCHD had made 3.4 million people literate through its 164,190 adult literacy centers and non formal schools which include 90% women, she added.

NCHD, she said, was working under the aim to empower the down trodden segment of society through education, skill development and awareness.

Mr. Nino the representative of UNESCO appreciated the efforts done by NCHD to enhance literacy in the country and offered his organizations continued support for adult education, non formal schools and skill development.

Roots IVY University, BECS, Private Schools’ Association and FDE, participated in the “Literacy Walk” at large number.