Naval Chief calls industrial community to embrace best practices for environmental protection

Pakistan Navy rescue, relief operations underway in coastal, creeks areas
Pakistan Navy rescue, relief operations underway in coastal, creeks areas

ISLAMABAD, Jun 4 (APP): Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS) Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi on Saturday urged the industrial community to come together and embrace best practices and principles for the protection and preservation of the shared asset; The Environment.

The Naval Chief, in his message on World Environment Day 2022, said the Pakistan Navy celebrated World Environment Day to underscore the significance of environment and undertook numerous protection measures, particularly focusing on the marine environment, said a Pakistan Navy media release.

The CNS said, ‘World Environment Day’ observed on 5th of June each year, calls for protecting our natural surroundings. The Day celebrated under the ambit of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) marks an occasion to raise awareness on the challenges facing our environment such as; pollution, illegal wildlife trade, sustainable consumption, sea level increase and food security”.

He added that it aimed to reinforce environmental measures for improving quality of life, especially for our future generations, in accordance with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This year’s theme for the World Environment Day is ‘Only One Earth’, which calls for transformative changes to policies and choices to enable cleaner, greener and sustainable living, in harmony with the nature.

This year, UNEP is also celebrating its Golden Jubilee and pertinently, the first ever theme of World Environment Day, ‘Only One Earth’ which was adopted in 1974, has been re-selected.

“Although five decades have elapsed, the theme is as significant as ever and emphasizes on all of us that this planet is our only home and humanity must safeguard its finite resources”, he underlined.

Setting the priorities right, he said Pakistan has been proactively focusing on measures to protect the environment so as to reduce destruction caused by a myriad of anthropogenic activities.

“Pakistan Navy has launched various initiatives, such as Trees and Mangroves Plantation Campaigns, banned the use of polythene bags in naval premises, collection of solid waste in harbors and installation of Reed Bed Reverse Osmosis Plants for Sewerage Water Treatment in residential areas”.

He added that it was also planned to introduce the ‘Three Bin System’; to segregate trash for landfills, recyclables for reuse and compost the organic material to enrich soil and help plants grow and keep methane gas from polluting our air.

The CNS informed that a number of activities have been planned by Pakistan Navy’s Field Commands to inculcate sense of responsibility among all personnel to preserve our precious environment. “I expect all Marine community to put up dedicated efforts to make these events a success. Besides collective activities, individual actions taken towards a common purpose can also cumulatively create enormous effects.

On this Day, let us reaffirm our commitment and resolve to ensure a cleaner and safer environment which directly affects our quality of life”, he concluded.