ISLAMABAD, Dec 8 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain Thursday
said only those nations achieve success and make progress that
attain self sufficiency, owing to their hard work and abilities.

Addressing an All Pakistan Conference organised by the Ministry of Planning and Development on the topic of “Elements of National Stability, Development and Power,” the President said no country can achieve the goal of self sufficiency without first achieving economic stability.

The President said the nation needs to carefully study the reasons leading to national development and stability and formulate a strategy in light of the findings.

He said in modern times education was one of the most vital factors and pointed to the substantial increase in the number of educational institutions and proportional increase in percentage of literacy, in the past few decades.

He termed it an encouraging development, however called for continued and careful evaluation of the quality and standard of education in the country.

The President said that one of the important factors for progress in modern times was the quality of education. He pointed that in the recent past the poor performance of candidates in the Competitive examinations has rang a warning bell for all.

He said it was therefore vital that a comprehensive strategy be formulated to evaluate the standards of education being imparted
to the young students, starting from junior classes to highest

He however said any lapse in this evaluation would waste precious time of the children, and priceless resources of the country, while the nation would continue to face the consequences for the times to come.

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President Mamnoon Hussain said apart from improvement in the
standards of education, an alarming trend was the increase in cost
of higher education.

He said the trend has caused the apprehension that those having resources would be able to reach places, which they do not deserve, while the deserving students with high calibre would remain deprived. He said it would lead to award of degrees, without any set targets to a large number of students, and said it would be a futile attempt.

The President expressed the hope that the educational experts and the responsible in the Ministry of Planning and Development need to ponder upon these issues and come up with practical suggestions to provide a future guideline for the course of education in the country.

President Mamnoon Hussain pointed to the economic stability brought in the past four years and said it has been acknowledged by international financial organisations.

The President owing to the country’s vital geo strategic location, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor was nothing but a blessing of Allah Almighty on the nation and said it would bring Pakistan to the fore by making it economically stable and powerful.

The President called for national solidarity and unanimity to successfully complete this vital project of national importance transparently, without any hitch.

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President Mamnoon Hussain said it was vital for economic self sufficiency that the planners consistently study future technologies, and prospects for new industry and business ventures.

He said in a fast paced world, with changing technologies, the nations that do not plan ahead are left behind in progress and development.

President Mamnoon Hussain said Pakistan was situated at the confluence of great civilizations and its culture and civilization
makes it prominent amongst others and a great source of attraction
for tourists from around the world.

The President said Pakistan’s defence was strong and its armed
forces were amongst the best professional armies in the world. He
said the country’s armed forces were playing a key role in the defence of the country and for regional peace and stability.

He said the country’s strategic assets were a vital element for the defence and strengthening of its internal and external policies.

He said Pakistan was playing a leading role in peace and stability in the world and said it was important that the nation while taking inspiration from its ideology and the spirit of creation of Pakistan, focusses on its future goals with a determination and zeal.

The President expressed the hope that soon a strong, vibrant and powerful Pakistan would emerge in the comity of nations.

Engineer Mohammad Balighur Rehman, Minister of State for Education, Dr Mukhtar Ahmed Chairman Higher Education Commission also addressed the conference.