NAB recovers Rs. 2.3 trillion,saves $10 billion: Chairman

NAB recovers Rs. 2.3 trillion,saves $10 billion: Chairman
ISLAMABAD, Dec 09 (APP):National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Chairman Lt. Gen. (R) Nazir Ahmed, stated that the bureau has recovered an impressive amount of Rs. 2.3 trillion and generated over US $10 billion in savings for the national exchequer.
Speaking at an event on Saturday at NAB Headquarters in Islamabad, commemorating “International Anti-Corruption Day” with the theme “Documented Economy Curbs Corruption,” he emphasized that combating corruption requires collective effort. NAB is dedicated to ensuring that every instance of corruption faces consequences.
Lt. Gen. (R) Nazir Ahmed, emphasized that the eradication of corruption requires collective efforts from all stakeholders, as no single institution can accomplish this task alone. He reaffirmed NAB’s commitment to ensuring that every instance of corruption faces consequences.
The Chairman asserted that the documentation of the economy will undoubtedly benefit the country and significantly reduce corruption. He reiterated NAB’s commitment to fulfilling the obligations outlined in the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).
Prominent economist and Director General of NUST Institute of Policy Studies (NIPS) Dr Ashfaque Hasan Khan and Country Representative of United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime (UNODC) Pakistan Jermey Milsom, attended the event as guest speakers.
Dr Ashfaque Hassan Khan, in his keynote speech, stated that it is the responsibility of every citizen to get registered in the taxation system so that they can get welfare benefits from the State.
He mentioned that individuals in the informal/unregistered economy often experience poverty due to a lack of access to banking incentives, including loans. He stressed that restructuring the tax system to provide incentives would be more advantageous than relying on punitive measures.
Earlier,Nauman Aslam, Director General of the Awareness & Prevention (A&P) Division at NAB Headquarters, provided an overview of the significance of observing Anti-Corruption Day and highlighted the A&P Division’s role in raising awareness about the detrimental effects of corruption.
The Chairman also recognized and honored NAB officers with Merit and appreciation Certificates for their exceptional performance in their respective domains.
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