ISLAMABAD, Sept 2 (APP): The students and educational institutions from
across the Muslim World were honoured and praised for their achievements in the fields of theoretical and sophisticated sciences at Noor Student Competition 2017, held in Tehran.
The Competition is named after Prof. Jackie Ying, one of the prominent
scholars of the Muslim world in science and technology. He was also one of the laureates of The Mustafa(pbuh) Prize 2015 – the science and technology award – for her achievement in the field of Bio and Nanoscience.
Some 5109 students in form of 2194 groups took part in the second round
by sending one-minute films of their scientific experiments from all the fields of science, said a message received here Saturday.
Chairman of Policymaking Council of the Mustafa(pbuh) Prize; Mahdi
Saffarinia highlighting the features of the competition said it provides opportunities to students to develop in theoretical and sophisticated sciences and share their scientific breakthroughs to expand the boundaries of knowledge. It is also an oppurtunity for them to be known as future scientists in the Islamic world.
Some 50 winners from 2017 will enter a TV-broadcast contest and they
will be broadcast in turn within a TV programme, Mahdi added.
The annual Noor Student Competition was launched in 2016 by the
Mustafa(pbuh) Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) to recognize and cultivate young students’ talents as well as promote scientific cooperation between educational centers.
The first round of this competition was held on the 1000th anniversary
of authoring “The Book of Optics” by ‘Ibn al-Haytham” to commemorate this great Muslim scholar.
The event’s final round was participated by a large number of
dignitaries, students, scholars and family members of the winners from across the Muslim world.