Mushaal says ‘Sikhs being harassed by India in Australia, Europe’

ISLAMABAD, Sep 22 (APP): Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Human Rights Mushaal Hussein Mullick on Friday said the ‘Sikh community is being harassed by India in Australia and Europe’.
Mullick during her visit to Nankana Sahib said Modi is now doing terrorism in the region by becoming the Prime Minister, the face of Indian spy agency RAW has been exposed in the killing of Hardeep Singh ( a Canadian citizen)
She said that most human rights violations are taking place in Occupied Kashmir, Indian spy Kulbhushan was involved in terrorist activities in various areas including Karachi, Punjab and FATA.
She said that Kashmiri people have been sacrificing their lives for 75 years, mosques were destroyed in Modi’s name, and places of worship were desecrated in India.
Mullick said that India’s terrorist activities are also going on in Pakistan, and the international community
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