NH&MP gives five years road map to facilitate citizens

ISLAMABAD, Mar 05 (APP): Pakistan Citizens Portal, National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) has received 4,654 complaints on different issues regarding traffic management out of which 4476 complaints have been redressed so far.

The resolved complaint form 97 per cent of total complaints registration on the portal, said a press release issued here on Friday.

All the issues highlighted in the complaints were properly addressed and necessary measures were taken to redress the grievances of complainants.

About 50 per cent complainants gave positive feedback on the measures taken which was the highest among all police forces in Pakistan.

During the year 2020, a total of 1,318 complaints were received as compared to 2,810 in the year 2019.

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Due to the measures taken by Motorway Police, 54% decrease in complaints was observed.

The NHMP is known not only in every part of the country but also abroad as an honest and helpful police force. People of all ages and backgrounds across the country appreciate the progessionalism and good manners of NHMP officers.

Compared to other police departments, the NHMP has the highest public confidence ratio, which is a source of pride for the Motorway Police.