M/O Industries constitutes an inquiry committee to find causes for fire in IFC building

APP08-10 ISLAMABAD: September 10 – Firefighters struggling to extinguish fire erupts in six storey Awami Markaz resulting 2 persons died and one injured in this incident. APP photo by Irshad Sheikh

ISLAMABAD, Sept 10 (APP): The Minister for Industries and
Production has decided to constitute an inquiry committee to find
out the causes and fix responsibility for fire incident in a block
of Industrial Facilitation Centre (IFC) building on Sunday.
With following composition and terms of reference,committee
consist on Additional Secretary, M/o Industries and Production Capt
(Retd) Ajaz Ahmad,convener, Joint Secretary (Admn), Ministry of
Interior and members Joint Secretary (E&D), Power Division,
Mussadaq Ahmad Khan,a representative of the Federal Tax Ombudsman,
Structural Engineer to be nominated by NESPAK, Chief Electrical
Engineer, IESCO, Ch.Waseem, of AKASA Company and representative of
private tenant companies, said in statement issued by Ministry of
Industries and Production here.
The committee follows the Terms Of Reference (TORs),first
Identify the office where from the fire ignited and the cause(s) of
fire incident including the possibility of mischief or sabotage;
Extent and degree of damage to the building and office record
of the tenant organisations and loss of/ injuries to human life;
Effectiveness, role and responsibilities of IFC staff in pre
and post fire scenarios;
Responsiveness and effectiveness of the Islamabad fire brigade
CDA authorities and any other aspect the committee may like to
comment on also.
The committee is expected to finalize and submit its findings
and recommendations within 72 hours.