ISLAMABAD, Nov. 12 (APP): Minority leaders across the country Wednesday praised Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif for his vow to protect rights of the minorities at all cost as they all enjoy equal rights like rest of the citizens.
The minority leaders were commenting on the prime minister’s
address to Dewali ceremony in the commercial hub of the country,
Karachi on Wednesday where he categorically said he would stand by
the minorities and would ensure protection of their rights guaranteed
under the Constitution.
Punjab Minister for Minorities Affairs & Human Rights Khalil
Tahir Sindhu said Nawaz Sharif’s participation in Dewali event
showed the government’s resolve for the welfare of the minorities.
He said in contrast to Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s
policy under which minorities were being subjected to a miserable
treatment, Nawaz Sharif made a gesture by reiterating his commitment
to protect rights of the minorities. The Indian government should
emulate his example by taking measures for the protection of
minorities in India.
He also appreciated the views expressed by the prime minister
about forging unity among all the communities and said that
minorities were being given due respect by the government.
Sindhu endorsed the statement of the prime minister for welfare
of the minorities and said that all out resources would be utilized
for the purpose.
Commenting on Nawaz Sharif’s speech in Karachi, Hindu leader Dr
Manohar Chand said the prime minister had recognized the services of
the Hindu community which demonstrated that the government gave equal respect to all the religious communities living in Pakistan.
He said the premier’s assurance about safeguarding the rights
of the minorities gave strength and a sense of security to the
The Hindu leader welcomed the announcement about the construction
of Bhagat Kunwar Medical Complex in Hyderabad by the prime minister
and thanked him.
Sikh religious leader Sardar Sham Singh welcomed prime minister’s
announcement for the renovation of Guru Nanak Gurdwara in Nankana
He said his government was already doing a lot for the minorities
including the Sikh community and the decision to renovate of Guru
Nanak Gurdwara was also part of it.
Sardar Sham Singh lauded the assurance of protection to the
minorities by the Prime Minister and said it gave them a lot
relief and removed their concerns.
He said the government always made foolproof security arrangements
for the Sikh and Hindu Yatrees who came for the religious services
from foreign countries as well as far-flung areas.
Minority communities including Hindu and Sikh in Peshawar said
that the prime minister’s commitment would spread a message of
interfaith harmony and bring people of different faith more closure
to each others.
Talking to APP, Sardar Soran Singh, Advisor to the Chief Minister
KP for Minority Affairs said, PM’s in “Dewali” gave a very positive
message to all that he gives equal importance to minorities
irrespective of their religion and caste.
Soran Singh said the presence of Prime Minister among the Hindu
community conveyed a strong message that minorities are equally
important for him as are Muslims.
It also gave a moral boost to minority communities besides adding
color to their joys.
He deplored that the minorities including Muslims and Sikh are
being subjected to victimization and torture in India under the
leadership of Narendra Modi while on the other hand Nawaz Sharif
showed his leadership by attending sharing joys of Hindu minority
in the country.
He noted that the discriminatory treatment with minorities in
India has resulted in defeat of BJP in Behar elections. It was
time for Moodi and his party to realize that government cannot
be run with force or by persecution of minorities as their own
people have rejected this policy.
Meanwhile, Soran Singh condemned recent incidents of violence
against minorities and with Pakistanis visiting India including
singer Ghulam Ali, veteran politician Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri and
urged the international community to take notice of human rights
violations in India.
Haroon Sarabiyal, Chairman All Hindus Rights Movement of
Pakistan highly lauded the participation of Prime Minister Nawaz
Sharif in Hindu’s Dewali function and said it gave them a realization
that Prime Minister of Pakistan is committed to look after them.
He said despite his busy schedule, the Prime Minister Nawaz
Sharif has spared time and attended Dewali function in Karachi
which reflected his sincerity and commitment to the minorities.
Sarabiyal said the present government has taken scores of measures
for uplift of minorities.
He said the recent incidents of violence against minorities and
Pakistan nationals in India negated claims of Indian’s secularism.
He said minorities including Hindus and Sikh community are enjoying religious freedom in Pakistan and was playing key role in development
of the country.
He said a grand function in connection of Dewali celebrations
would be arranged at Hindus temple at Gorgatri Peshawar on November
14 where people of every walk life, would be invited to celebrate
this event with them