Minister unveils 75th Independence Day commemorative postage stamp

Minister unveils 75th Independence Day commemorative postage stamp

ISLAMABAD, Aug 12 (APP):Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services Maulana Asad Mahmood on Friday unveiled a commemorative postage stamp in connection with diamond jubilee of Independence Day of Pakistan.

Addressing the ceremony, he said that Pakistan Post is playing a crucial role in the progress and prosperity of the country and also reiterated its commitment that it will continue its efforts to serve the country with dedication.

He said that it was honour for us to serve the country and being part of today’s important ceremony held in this connection.
He said our efforts were underway to bring advance technology and reforms in the postal sector, as unfortunately Pakistan Postal Services remained ignored in the past.

The minister said that Postal Services would provide an advanced services to its customers keeping in view the needs of the people.
He said that Pakistan Post would also increase its revenue and keep serving the people.

He assured that the Department would be transformed into a profitable and self-sufficient institution whereas its employees would also be given pensions.
He said that we are working on short and long term policies to bring improvement in the services of postal services.

He said that Postal Services would give permanent policy to serve people with more efficiency.
Asad Mahmood asked the officers to fulfill their responsibilities on time to achieve the set goals.

He said that Pakistan Post would provide its support to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) in the flood relief operations in various parts of the country.

He said that Pakistan is an ideological country which was based on Islam. He said that anti state forces do not like to see Pakistan to strengthen economically, politically and democratically.

He said, “We defeated conspirators and we assure people that government stand by masses. We should unite our nation for Pakistan and Islam and humanity”.
He said that we all should stand united against all inimical forces intending to divide Pakistan.

He said that Pakistan is an atomic country and will give bright future to its coming generations.