Minister for remembering sacrifices rendered by heroes to defence motherland

Federal Minister Madad Ali Sindhi

ISLAMABAD, Sep 6 (APP): Caretaker Federal Minister for Education and Professional Training Madad Ali Sindhi on Wednesday emphasized the importance of remembering sacrifices rendered by all heroes to defend frontiers of the motherland on September 6.

Addressing an event at Islamabad Model College for Girls to pay tributes to heroes of Defense Day he said, “History reminds us of those individuals who laid down their lives for our homeland. They were heroes then, and they remain heroes today and tomorrow.”

The event was marked by the spirited participation of female students, who contributed to the atmosphere with patriotic songs.

The minister praised the youth for their deep sense of patriotism and commitment to both the country and its values, saying, “Our young generation is conscious and deeply connected to our nation and faith.”

Reflecting on the significance of September 6, he shared his memories of the unparalleled passion he witnessed, stating, “I vividly recall the unparalleled enthusiasm on this day. People were ready to give their lives for the nation. Today, people are still prepared to make such sacrifices.”

The minister also highlighted the courage of the martyrs, noting that even the adversaries were troubled by the bravery of Pakistan’s defenders.

Expressing his satisfaction with the state of education at the college, he said, “I am pleased to see the spirit of freedom alive in this college. We have come a long way from the past, and we must remember the individuals who contributed to Pakistan’s freedom.”

He emphasized the need to improve the quality of education in schools and colleges, adding, “I personally visit every school to inquire about issues. It may be possible that some traditions need to change, such as coming out of air-conditioned rooms to understand the issues.”

He stressed the importance of providing essential facilities and attention to education, stating, “Funds are available, and they must be allocated to address these needs.”

In connection with the events of September 6, certificates will be awarded to students who performed exceptionally well.

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