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Minister admires EU on recognizing Palestine independent state

ISLAMABAD, May 28 (APP): Federal Minister for Privatization, Board of Investment and Communications Abdul Aleem Khan has said the recognition of the independent state of Palestine by European countries is a welcome step.

In a statement issued here on Tuesday, he said that the Pakistani government endorsed this important development and paid our heartfelt congratulations to the Palestinian brothers on this progress.

Speaking in favour of the Palestinian State, the minister said that finally the whole world has practically realized the human atrocities of Israel in Palestine and it has been proved that the globe should come together for the freedom and independence of Palestine.

He further said that Israel’s brutality and oppression of innocent citizens have been revealed all over the world. He added that now Israel should leave its obstinacy as 146 countries including Spain, Norway and Ireland have recognized Palestine as an independent State.

Aleem Khan indicated that this issue has been taken because the freedom and autonomy of Palestine are by the International Charter.

He said the establishment of an independent Palestinian State is a source of pride for the Muslim Ummah and Inshallah the day is not far when Palestinians will be free and an independent State of Palestine will be established.


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