WASHINGTON, Oct.23 (APP): The US First Lady Michelle Obama
and Maryam Nawaz, daughter of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on
Thursday vowed to work for promotion of education in Pakistan
that intend to benefit 200,000 young girls.
Speaking at an event “Let Girls Learn” at the White House
both sides committed to closely work together to expand
opportunities for the education of young girls in Pakistan
and women empowerment.
The US First Lady Michelle Obama announced the funding
of $70 million to educate adolescent girls in Pakistan.
The Prime Minister’s wife, Begum Kulsoom Nawaz was also
present at the event which was arranged to coincide with the visit
of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to the White House to meet
President Barack Obama.
Michelle Obama said that with this funding more than a dozen
new schools will be built along with rehabilitation of hundreds of
others. The funds will also be used to set up health screening
for thousands of girls to ensure they are getting the needed
medical care.
“We will be funding skills-training programs and
college scholarships for girls. And, taken together, these
efforts will reach 200,000 girls in Pakistan,” the US First Lady
said among applause.
These 200,000 girls, who will have a chance to fulfill their
promise — just like our daughters have that opportunity — and
become the next generation of doctors and teachers and
entrepreneurs. And that 200,000 girls who will one day raise
healthier, more educated families of their own, she added.
She said that this investment represents a major milestone
for these girls and is part of the initiative called “Let Girls
Learn,” a US-government effort to help adolescent girls worldwide
go to school and stay in school.
“And as part of this effort, we issued a call to countries
across the globe to join us in investing or increasing their
investment in girl’s education,” she said adding that when they
did, those countries took that step, I promised that I would be
the first person to stand with them and celebrate that commitment.”
The First Lady said that many countries have pledged
nearly $800 million in the past eight months for the initiative
which, in addition to helping girls in Pakistan, will also help
hundreds of thousands of girls worldwide.
Ms. Maryam Nawaz while speaking on the occasion thanked Mrs.
Obama for her support to strengthen Pakistan’s education
sector and highlighted the policy priority being accorded
to increasing female literacy in Pakistan.
She emphasized the firm commitment of the Government to
implement the policies of the Government as envisioned in the
Vision 2025.
Lauding the role of the U.S First Lady for the cause of
education in the world, Maryam Nawaz said,”you are not only a
good mother but continued to inspire million of girls around the
Maryam Nawaz said millions of young girls, women all over the
world are facing problems but she believed in power resilience of
women as they are fighting on multiple front, adding that they are
fighting the mind set, traditional and social barriers which
continue to stunt their professional growth.
On the occasion she also mentioned the great role of her
mother Kulsoom Nawaz when a dictator toppled a democratic government
and said that she not only cared of her father but fought for
Highlighting the need of educational reforms in Pakistan,
she said that the incumbent government attaches great
importance to educational reforms.
LGL Pakistan is part of the global LGL program, announced
by President Obama and Mrs. Michelle Obama to help create more
education and growth opportunities for the underprivileged girls.