Mentally ill elements be not allowed to mislead the entire society of GB, said Chief Minister GB

CM GB directs provincial secretary power for zero loadshedding during Sehar, Iftar

GILGIT, Mar 29 (APP): Mentally ill elements would not be allowed to mislead the entire society of Gilgit-Baltistan and they would be dealt with iron hands said Chief Minister GB Khalid Khurshid while addressing an emergency press conference on the recent terrorist incidents in Gilgit.

He said that the terrorists involved in the Naltar tragedy and in Gilgit city have been arrested and strict legal action would be taken against them and no concessions would be made.

Chief Minister GB said that now we want the terrorists involved in these incidents to be brought to justice and the families of the victims to be brought to justice.

He said that GB was getting constitutional rights and a big development package very soon, adding that we do not want the miscreants to try to thwart our efforts with their nefarious intentions.

He said that the promotion of fake nationalism and fake sectarianism would never be allowed because these two evils have affected our area peaceful society.