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ISLAMABAD, Dec 25 (APP):Minister of state for Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage Marriyum in her message on the eve of X-Mas has said that the members of Christian community were proud and praiseworthy citizens of Pakistan.
She said that Islam enjoined its followers to respect other religions and their rites. She said that love, devotion and respect for Christ was one of the fundamental precepts of the Islamic faith.
She said that the attachment of Muslims with Christ was part of the faith of every Muslim which dictated a relationship of respect with the Christian community. She said that the life of the Holy prophet was a radiant example of his good treatment of the minorities.
The minister said that the constitution of Pakistan also conferred equal rights on the minorities as citizens of Pakistan. She said that Christian were a respectable minority for every Pakistani as enshrined in the vision of Quaid-iAzam.
The minister said that the leader of the PML (N) and former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had taken exemplary steps for the protection of the rights of minorities. She said that the PML (N) government firmly believed in the participation of the Christian community in the process of decision-making and mainstreaming them in the efforts for development of the country.
Marriyum said that the Christian community had made historic contribution in the achievement of Pakistan, strengthening its defence and the process of its development. She said that they had shed their blood for defending Pakistan. The minister said that the minorities, especially the Christian community had also made unforgettable sacrifices in the war against terrorism and the people of Pakistan paid tributes to all those members of Christian community who lost their lives in incidents of terrorism, particularly in attack on a church in Quetta.
The minister said that the minorities were rendering praiseworthy services for the construction and development of the country and in reinforcing national solidarity. Marriyum said it was incumbent upon all Pakistanis to make collective efforts to unveil the conspiracies of the enemies of Pakistan.