MDCAT dental program passing percentage reduced to 55%: PMC

ISLAMABAD, Jun 27 (APP): Pakistan Medical Commission’s (PMC) Medical and Dental Council on Monday approved reducing the MDCAT passing percentage for the dental program from 65% to 55% for the upcoming admissions in dental colleges of Pakistan.

The council meeting chaired by the President of PMC, Dr. Arshad Taqi, upon the recommendations of the National Medical and Dental Academic Board in respect of the MDCAT curriculum weightage of subjects was approved with minor changes.

The topic of Gout as recommended by the Academic Board has been removed from the MDCAT curriculum.

Academic Board recommendations are based on inputs from Provincial Higher Secondary Boards while confirming that the MDCAT curriculum is in line with National Curriculum 2006 as well as with the provincial curriculums and does not exceed or appear to hold anything to be out of the syllabus.

Some of the Provincial Boards suggested the removal of certain topics in biology even though they exist in the HSSC curriculum.

The Academic Board rejected the request as these are the topics which are significant in terms of knowledge-based for a student to be admitted to dental and medical college.

The weightage of questions in respective subjects of the MDCAT curriculum has been slightly modified with Biology from 32% to 34%, Physics and Chemistry from 26.5% to 27%, English from 10% to 9%, and Logical Reasoning from 5% to 3%.

The medical and dental college admission test would consist of 210 questions based on the decided percentages.