Pakistan rejects allegations of involvement in Dhaka terrorist attack

ISLAMABAD, June 26 (APP): The Foreign Office Sunday said
they were closely pursuing the situation pertaining to Pakistani
employees of Saad Contracting and Construction Company in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

The Foreign Office, in a statement, said the Community Welfare
Attache of Pakistan’s Embassy in Riyadh paid a follow up visit to Dammam on the day and met officials of the said company.

The representative also took stock of the situation and urged
the mitigation efforts by the company to address the problems faced
by Pakistani workers at the earliest.

The Foreign Office said that around 8,000 employees were
affected including an estimated 300 Pakistani workers according to Pakistanis there.


The company was in financial problems and according to the
management, the matter was subjuidce as some workers had moved the court. Any action has to wait for the court’s decision.

The representative of the embassy would meet some more
Pakistanis at another camp on Monday, it added.